: 2nd Service

07-04-04, 02:25 PM
About a week before I make an appt for Tues. June 29 to bring in the V for its second service, at this point Im still trying to work with my selling dealer (which is nearly 100 miles away), and Im fairly comfortable with them so far. Im there bright and early with my list of problems to resolve (Short list here, resolutions below)

Parking brake needs to be re-adjusted.
1st Gear notchy more so when the gearbox is fully warmed to op temp
Rear end/axle whines at 45-60mph
Oil temp reflash?
Steering wheel cracking
Fuel gauge read erratic
Front bumper to be repainted (promised @ PDI delivered with scratches)
Wheel hop under any accel (not just from a stop)
Key FOB unlocks doors but driver seat position only recall intermittently
Radio station preset labels disappear
Cig lighters cannot be changed to delayed ignition hot
I provided them with sample bottles in case they did any fluids change (gearbox/rear diff), so I could investigate what may have been the cause of some of the issues I was having. The dealer sent me over to Enterprise which provided me with a Buick Skylark (I think) FWD POS (which got 20mpg!) Under a new policy GM will only pay for rentals of other GM cars (so no MBZ C230 this time). Service Tech called me Thursday morning directly (not the advisor but the tech!) and we went over some of the issues, basically explaining my problems. At this point I was under the impression that they had already sent the car over to the 3rd party body shop to have the front bumper done (they hadnt). Thursday late afternoon I called into the advisors office and got a different guy who was pinch hitting for the guy I was dealing with before. He said he thinks it was ready and I could come pick it up Friday AM, so I did.

Friday AM Get there talk to Service Advisor and then to Tech himself who said he spent about 6 hours on the phone with GM on Thursday trying to solve some of my issues. Here is the summary report

Parking brake needs to be re-adjusted Claims that it holds the car fine (it has rolled away from me twice), I think they adjusted it again but I have no evidence either way.
1st Gear notchy more so when the gearbox is fully warmed to op temp Tech says according to GM this is normal and will go away over time, I said wasnt this way new its worn itself IN over time and is getting worse not better. He claims GM says this is expected. :(
Rear end/axle whines at 45-60mph Tech again this is normal (see #2)
Oil temp reflash? Still under development, this has been confirmed by GM that it is a GAUGE ISSUE and the temps being seen are UNTRUE.
Steering wheel cracking Special ordered a new steering wheel
Fuel gauge read erratic Tech says according to GM this also is normal. There are 2 tanks and a transfer pump between them so it may take some time for the tanks to properly equalize and therefore a proper reading on the fuel gauge. :(
Front bumper to be repainted (promised @ PDI delivered with scratches). Didnt happen, service advisor tried to talk me out of it. I said Hey this is the 2nd time Ive been here to get this done, what gives, answer well they are swamped with the holiday weekend and all, try to give us a heads up when bringing it in for this.DUH thats why I made the appt ~1 week in advance!! When it goes in for the steering wheel replacement Im not taking it back until this gets done.
Wheel hop under any moderate accel (not just from a stop) Normal L GM says try NOT driving the car that hard. When I told this to my friends they couldnt stop laughing they all have felt the hop and its NOT when Im driving it hard. Plus Im not that hard on this car as it is.

Key FOB unlocks doors but driver seat position only recalls intermittently - Unable to duplicate this problem (and sure enough I wasnt either in front of the Tech happens right away when I get home tho L ).

Radio station preset labels disappear Unable to duplicate this problem (see #9)
Cig lighters cannot be changed to delayed ignition hot This one had the Tech and GM puzzled, they claim the wiring (schematic) and fuse box are identical to the reg CTS (and they do confirm that the manual is correct this is supposed to be able to happen). The Tech explains that when you change them to DIH (Delayed Ignition Hot) they should run to a relay/timer that will turn them off after a set time, this does NOT occur (like the relay is missing but it is built into the fuse box). So they special ordered a new fuse box, not sure what else to do. Will install at same time as #5.
So they had my car 3 days (Tues AM Fri AM) and what did they do nothing. They left the Service Order open until they get and install the parts listed above.

For reference - they drove the car 10 miles (fine by me), Ive just hit 8k miles (have already done 2 oil changes 1st @ 625 miles, 2nd @ 2625), have <%30 left on my oil life monitor (reset @ each oil change), down about quart of oil (plan to change it soon so not bothering to fill it now). Have <%30 left on my stock Goodyear EMTs and my first service thread is located here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10849 (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10849)

Im NOT happy about the answers I got to #s 2,3 and 8.

Any thoughts from the group?


07-04-04, 03:43 PM
Ben, I'm concerned about #8... I believe you indicated that you get hop in corners too... totally HMO, but I think you have something not torqued properly in the rear suspension - which is very unsafe.

Not sure if the V has the same problem as the Z06, but rear suspension bolts loosening themselves over time is a common problem on the Z06... I get a slight wheel hop / clunk in my right rear wheel on my Z06 every so often and sure enough the bolts have loosened up.

You MUST convince your dealer to look at this problem... dont use the words "wheel hop", use "clunk" or "vibration" or something... they should check the torque of all the nuts/bolt back there.

Hell if you cant get them to look at that problem and dont have access to a lift... come over to my place, we can torque everything down... (honest offer, I'm in Palo Alto). :)

07-04-04, 04:22 PM
Ben -

I think you should force the issue with the rear end whine (and possibly 1st gear engagement as well). The whine will only get worse and is an indication of improper gear lash and/or gear and bearing wear. Trust me, that's why I'm out a car right now.

I've had a similar NOT GOOD experience getting my dealer to check items, some of which are on your list that they could not duplicate as well (nav/radio loosing labels - mine happens if I get into the car, start it, and instantly start hitting the stabilitrak mode to change to comp. mode - or even try to drop the drivers window, crappy fuel gauge readout (I don't even look at it anymore), etc.).

Quite frankly, by SERVICE EXPERIENCE AFTER THE SALE, is crappy and I'm totally dissatisfied. This dealer has some pretty bad reps around town (but I heard good things initially).

I'm sure you've noticed several threads on the board about lost/blown/broken rear ends - I don't think you want to let your's go out entirely. If I were you, I'd copy some of the information from this board and send it off to your dealer. Then let them get the differential parts ordered and in BEFORE you take your car back. They should be able to swap you out in a day....time for 4th festivities... :drinker :lildevil: :want: :D

07-05-04, 12:35 AM
I also had a list of 5 items, including the drivers seat bun which makes a lot of noise and clicks on a quick stop or when accelerating. Again, they fixed none of it and gave it back. I have been noticeing a vibration in the rear at about 75-80. I think its the tires though. Sure hope its not the rear..

08-11-04, 08:05 PM
I wanted to follow up on this since about 10 days ago the dealer DID call me to tell me that my parts were in. Made an appt for this past Tues, and discovered my older work order had been closed, so time to start a fresh list.

1. Oil temp Reflash
2. Replace Cracking Steering Wheel
3. Replace Fuse box? To correct the inoperative switchable DIH on Cig Lighters
4. Repaint Front Bumper
5. Handed them my Rear Diff Oil Analysis (but did NOT make an issue out of it anymore - and this was NOT written up by the service advisor but she did take my RD/OA and stapled it to the RO)

Called to check in on it today (2 work days later), apparently GM is PUZZLED by the RD/OA, (apparently they weren't expecting anyone to go to such measures to CYA) and maybe they don't have alot of samples by which to examine. Either way GM is VERY concerned about this and they (dealer) does not have any further update at this time - other than they are holding on to my car until they know what to do.


P.S. Original in service date for this thread was 6/29 (8k miles), this means roughly 1 month to get parts, now 10k miles in 8/10.

08-11-04, 08:30 PM
Good info... please keep us posted...

08-11-04, 10:12 PM
I have found that the memory seats seem to work only when the
parking brake is engaged.
Anyone else to confirm?

08-12-04, 08:54 AM
I have found that the memory seats seem to work only when the parking brake is engaged. Anyone else to confirm?
That is correct.

08-24-04, 01:04 PM
After almost 10 days they have completed 1-4 above, as to the rear end whine, they want me to snag a tech and go for a ride when it's happening (it doesn't act up until it's hot).


Temper V
08-24-04, 06:43 PM
My original rear end made much more of the whining noise when fully hot. It also had a low freq vib/noise at 80, which was not the tires.

They have replaced the rear end. I'm breaking it in very easy, but early observations are that the whine is much reduced, but still audible. I haven't taken it to 80 to check on the other vibe/noise.

My suggestion is to continue to nicely ask the tech and advisor to call Caddy tech support. They know these things are noisy, and getting noisier. Have them stick a hose into or onto the rear end (on a lift of course) and listen as someone takes it through the gears. Have them get it good and hot first, probably 20 miles or so. They will hear the death throes of a pinion bearing...

08-24-04, 06:58 PM
I have been unable to get back there with a hot diff (I was gonna say hot rear end but those might think I'm funny living in SF) - I hope to do that tommorow (if all goes as planned).

Thanks for your insights.

08-25-04, 02:35 AM
And now for the news we expected. I finally got around to moving the fuses in the fuse box for DIH on the cig lighters - and bet your $ they went dead in the opposite position. They get the car back again to fix it yet again.


08-26-04, 02:18 AM
It went back today. Verified the Fuse box replacement didn't help the problem, also got a tech to take a ride with me and clearly heard the diff whine - "Unbecoming of a Cadillac!"

We'll see