: 454 swap?

02-26-09, 12:44 AM
besides having to swap out a differential and transmission. what else would need to be done to a 1983 Cadillac deville to put in a Chevy 454. Would it be any different than putting a Cadillac big block in?

02-26-09, 09:50 AM
Motor mounts from a 90-92 5.7. Use all the accessories from the 454. Carb, or TBI?

02-26-09, 07:10 PM
You will also want to use a radiator from a big block equipped vehicle. They are larger and therefore provide the proper cooling.

02-26-09, 09:01 PM
Or, just take your stock rad in to a rad shop and get them to stick a thicker core in your end tanks...