View Full Version : Straight pipes OK for Texas inspection?

02-25-09, 07:55 PM
I think my mufflers are gone bad, and I was thinking of removing and installing straight pipes, I still have the resontator and cat's on the V.

Does anyone know if straight pipes WITH cat's and resontator pass Texas inspection?

02-25-09, 08:08 PM
Here's the long answer from TXdot...

Inspection/Rejection Criteria

20.15 Exhaust System. Every motor vehicle shall at all times be equipped with muffler in good working order and in constant operation.

Muffler defined: Muffler is a device consisting of a series of chambers or baffle plates or other mechanical design for the purpose of receiving exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine and/or turbine wheels for the purpose of receiving exhaust gas from a diesel engine, both of which are effective in reducing noise.

The exhaust system includes the manifolds, gaskets, exhaust lines, mufflers, resonators, tailpiping, and supporting hardware.

Motor vehicles cannot be equipped with a muffler which is perforated or which was perforated and has been repaired, either by a muffler repair jacket or by patching or in any other way. In those cases where a muffler is perforated at the time of an inspection or has been perforated and has been repaired previous to the inspection, the muffler must be replaced or the vehicle rejected.

Some pickups are equipped with a camper or hard shell cover and are sometimes used for the transportation of passengers. The tailpipe should discharge the exhaust at the rear or sides. This truck modification will be considered as a passenger compartment.

The entire structure of a motor home-type vehicle is considered a passenger compartment. The cab only of all other truck-type vehicles is considered passenger or luggage compartment.

If the vehicle is equipped with lake pipes or similar devices, such pipes or devices must be securely plated and bolted or capped.

Dual exhaust systems may be modified to single exhaust systems and single exhaust systems to dual exhaust systems, provided the modification does not violate requirements concerning exhaust emission systems.

The catalytic converter will be considered as a part of the exhaust system on all vehicles prior to 1984 year model and will be inspected only visually (if present) for leakage. On 1984 and later model light truck and passenger vehicles, the catalytic converter will be checked for presence and leakage. Flexible tubing which meets the requirements listed below may be used anywhere in the exhaust system.

NOTE: Inspection of exhaust systems covers the discharge of exhaust fumes and is not concerned with the noise level.

1. Inspection Procedure. The exhaust system shall be examined visually while the engine is running to determine efficiency of the system.

2. Inspect for and reject if:

a. Vehicle is not equipped with a muffler.

b. Any joint is loose or leaking, including manifolds. Does not include minor leakage at exhaust control valve (manifold damper or heat riser valve).

c. Manifold is cracked or broken causing leakage.

d. Holes, leaking seams, or patches on the muffler, resonators, exhaust pipe, tailpipe, or catalytic converter.

e. Exhaust system is not secured to the vehicle by mounting brackets designed for exhaust systems (wire is not acceptable).

f. Any brackets are loose, broken, or missing.

g. There is excessive vibration of exhaust line.

h. Any part of the exhaust system passes through the passenger compartment.

i. The tailpipe is broken, pinched, or eroded off to the extent to allow exhaust fumes to penetrate into the interior of the passenger compartment.

j. The tailpipe fails to discharge exhaust from the rear or sides or top of the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

NOTE: Holes in the exhaust system made by the manufacturer for drainage are not cause for rejection. The tailpipe must direct the exhaust fumes out from under the passenger compartment.

02-25-09, 08:11 PM
I'm guessing as long as they dont look for a muffler you'll be fine. Shouldnt be excessively loud and emissions should not be a prob, but i certainly wouldnt pull up and mention your muffler delete mod. If they ask say your resonator is the muffler ;)

02-25-09, 08:13 PM
Is it legal...no. Can you get away with it...yes. Just make sure that the inspection station hooks to your computer, NOT the exhaust pipe. Once I had my car tuned I was fine. I rolled into Quik Car and the passed me in 10 minutes...and i don't have cats.

I'm not even sure that deleting the mufflers will trip any codes...if no codes are tripped the you have nothing to worry about. Until a State Trooper pulls you over and cant see the mufflers.

02-25-09, 08:18 PM
As long as he has the cats in place and no codes, even testing at the tailpipe should be fine, right? Unless that's when they visually notice the lack o'muffler