: 1998 sls w/ bose sound enough for 2 alpine type-r

02-25-09, 06:18 PM
So my brother is going to afghanistan and he is giving me his 1998 sls. it has the bose system in it and i was just wondering if anyone knew if the bose system went loud enough to still sound good with two alpine type-r subs. i could settle with one sub but id really like 2. if anybody knows or has similar subs in car please let me know how it sounds.

02-25-09, 06:54 PM
Don't forget that the Bose systems use extremely low impedance Bose speakers driven by dedicated Bose amplifiers......different speakers = different amps = different head unit.

Go down to Technical, Audio-Alarms..... and look around down there.

02-25-09, 09:07 PM
While it won't be a direct fit, Crutchfield actually lists the Alpine Type-R 12" sub as a replacement with the factory head unit and amp.

With dual 2 ohm voice coils, I'd suggest finding out how it should be connected. I've heard but cannot say for sure that the Bose systems have an impedence as low as 1 ohm so you might connect the voice coils in parallel. Such would usually be a recipe to fry an amp (or shut it down if it has GOOD protection) but that Bose amp is a strange beast. I seriously doubt however that there would be any benefit of using two of the subs.

If it works, please report back. My only problem with the Bose system is that while compact and obviously efficient, the speakers (particularly the bass drivers in the front doors and the rear shelf) [seem] to have poor transient response and sound somewhat muddy at higher volume, but such could also be related to the amp reducing dynamic range to limit clipping.

Proceed cautiously. The Bose systems are highly engineered and proprietary and even without the Bose system, the audio system is highly integrated into the function of the car itself and operates in ways that make after-market head units and amps a VERY difficult and expensive replacement.

02-25-09, 09:32 PM
i went and looked and thought the rockford fosgate T10001bd would be a good fit for the 2 of them, and if i went with just one type r it would probably be the fosgate T500-1bd. they're both 1 ohm stable so would that help out with hooking it up with the bose system? i would get the install done by professionals for sure. i just want something really loud and alot of bass but still be able to hear the mids and the highs in the song.

02-25-09, 10:07 PM
I recently installed two Alpine E-12's in a sealed box. The box is a total of 2.5 cubic feet (1.25 for each woofer) and they are driven by a 500w RMS sony amp. With that set up, I have more than enough bass. It will play as loud as my ears can tolerate and at head banging volumes the music is extremly clean with no distortion. In most cases, I have the bass turned all the way down on the stereo ( I have a factory Bose Nav system in mine.) With that in mind, I think two R-12's would be too much. I looked at R-12's at the same time I was looking at the E-12's. They are truly a very high performance sub and with a good amp driving them the way they are intended, they would easily over power the stock system. Either way, I would not place one in the rear deck in place of the stock sub. The rear deck is plastic. An R-12 is heavy and with the way a R-12 can pound, I would think it would vibrate the rear deck too much and sound terrible. You would be best served placing it in a box. Down in the audio forum there is a great thread for wiring a Amp. Mine was one of the easiest AMP installs I've done.

Good luck on your quest.

02-26-09, 03:16 PM
yea i would definitely put the sub in a box. ive decided to go with just one type r and a applicable amp. the easy setup for the amp is encouraging though. i was hoping it wasnt going to be a big b**ch.

02-27-09, 02:45 PM
I have two kicker cvr's which are almost as loud as type r's and they sound great.

04-05-09, 02:13 AM
yeah they are right about the ohms and bose systems are in there own league so if i was you and you really wanted the type r is in the lac rewire add a aftermarket HU add new interior speakers and install a after market amp.. and remeber bose has inline amps for the speakers so the factory speaker wires are useless.