: Sunroof rattle

Trek 5200
02-25-09, 06:11 PM
I have a 08 SRX with the panoramic sunroof. Since day 1 it has made a glass on metal or glass on glass sound from the right side when you go over bumps. I have taken it in 3 times to have this addressed, and of course a technician comes with me on a test ride to hear the sound. When I pick up the car all they have done is grease it.

My other concern is the interior lights under the rear view mirror. At night when I turn them on, they pulse. I have noticed this also with the headlights, when they are pointed at a wall, they also pulse slightly.

Any help in these matters would be greatly appreciated. I am taking the car in again on Friday and it would be good to have something to direct them to.

The Wrench
02-25-09, 07:27 PM
One of the bolts that holds the sunroof up almost fell out on my '08. Worth a check, really easy. There are 4 "arms" that hold the sunroof up when it is open. At the top of each is a bolt with a torx head. Just position the roof correctly so you can reach them to tighten them. Not much, just 7-8 ft/lb. I think it takes a 25 torx bit, but can't remember for sure. There's a thread herein about what I did.
The flickering lights sounds like a bad ground, surely they can find that.


03-03-09, 02:30 AM
This may sound silly but we had a noise that we swore was the right rear of the big sunroof. As it turns out it was the back seat seatbelt that that tends to go off the seat and barely make contact with the side panel. Drove me nuts until one day I stopped the car several times to spot check a few things concerning that noise. Thank God I found it. I was really starting to lose it :-)