: Aftermarket Headunit

02-25-09, 11:55 AM
I did browse and search these forums but did not find a solid answer. Now I know that the 97~99 Devilles had troubles when installing an aftermarket headunit due to the fact that alot is wired through the factory headunit(Security Door Chime, etc). Now do the 2000-2005 Devilles have these same issues?

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03-13-09, 03:15 AM
Yea theyhave the radio wired to the car anti theft you cut the wires your screwed use a metra kit

03-21-09, 11:00 PM
I agree With still on the metra idea. I have a 04 dev and just put a pioneer double din in the car. I found that metra had all i needed. I got my dash kit and the modual to keep my door chimes and everything.

03-22-09, 01:27 AM
all the metra kit does is give you back the chimes...it does not address the fact that the radio is missing' which in and of itself is not an issue unless your car is going to "sleep"

03-23-09, 11:50 AM
The only option is to relocate the stock stereo, usually to the trunk, and run the databus wires to it along with power and ground. I did all this on my 97 and I put in around 10 hours, now that i have done it It would probably take around 5. dont bother with the metra garbage, the chimes originate from i think the front right speakers on the stock head unit, all you have to do is run those wires from the relocated stereo to one of the speakers. The rear doors are a good option if they dont already have speakers in them. And if your stock system is a bose dont bother, you are in for a huge pain.

03-25-09, 01:15 AM
That's true about the stock radio in the trunk on the 88 and up I completly took out my stock and replaced it and I still have my chimes

03-25-09, 03:03 AM
88 does not have the databus, the radio is stand alone, I thiink the databus/theftlock/integration started around 96-97
it may have the radio in the trunk where the dash is just a glorified remote

03-25-09, 08:21 AM
Thanks for all the great info unfortually the deal I had on that car has passed me so I just did a bunch of upgrades to the 89 I have. Thank God I dont have to deal with the computer issues on that one. Just finished it and am very happy:happyhappy: