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02-24-09, 09:56 PM
Hi all,

I've done a search for this, but can only find a little discussion and postulation. What, do you suppose, is under a leather wrapped 92 Brougham steering wheel?

From the feel of mine, it feels like a regular plastic rim - even has the finger ridges back there. I have plenty of options to replace, repair or recover mine, which is in sad shape, but anybody on here ever cut the leather away on an old wheel or from a parts car to know for sure?

What's under there?

02-24-09, 10:56 PM
I can't tell you for sure, but I know that on my 92 Roadmaster, under the leather is a regular wheel. I know this because there is a hole wearing in the leather. I can see the grain in the padded vinyl. I would bet the Cadillacs are done the same.

02-25-09, 03:46 AM
Its some type of metal, Someone cut my friends when they got the club off, those things are useless

02-25-09, 04:34 PM
It looks like the stock unwraped one except it is slightly smaller round where the finger grip area is ... and there are not any of the emblems on it , like the two tone inlay...

03-05-09, 01:16 PM
Hi all,

I have an update on what's under the leather-wrapped steering wheel of a '92 Brougham. I cut away a small section of my wrinkled navy blue cover and under it - clear as day....ugly dull black plastic. Grrr!

So, I definitely have to get it recovered! I'm taking it over to a classic car restoration shop near me to see if they can do it, or I'll remove it and either replace it or have it done by that outfit in Dallas.

Hope that helps somebody!