: engine mods

big dal
07-04-04, 09:27 AM
hi im from the uk and have been told that 1 cadillac has an engine that is a x30xe v6,my car over here has the same but ive been finding it hard to find any good mods i.e supercharger kits, is there any tuning companies over in the u.s who tune these engines.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks

big dal
07-04-04, 07:35 PM
its the L81 engine 3.0L v6

07-04-04, 09:03 PM
We're both in the same boat. The only companys that do any modding(of any kind), are in the same area you are, the UK. The good thing for you, is they are specifically designed for the Omega.

They do not have superchargers/turbochargers but things like camshafts, chips, exhaust and suspension.

You could spend the money and have someone make a custom supercharger/turbocharger setup. Steinmetz did this for a Cadillac concept version of our Catera/Omega. But only made one.

One ive found (in GB): http://www.mantzel.co.uk/omega/index.htm

Germany: http://www.irmscher.de/com/ (in english, UK) - Accessories Programme.

Germany: http://www.steinmetz.de/englisch/nice.htm (also in UK Format)

big dal
07-05-04, 09:08 AM
yeah ive got some places over here in the uk but I thought there might be some cheaper stuff over where you are.Im running nitrous on mine at the moment but it works out quite expensive to keep filling up the gas,I really would like a supercharger conversion and the company over here charge 3800 pounds for it ,so i thought maybe i can get the bits in the u.s and adapt them myself.Theres a place over here which does a throttle body kit which i might consider.Thanks for the links though ill check um out.

big dal
07-05-04, 09:14 AM

big dal
07-06-04, 01:27 PM
these are the throttle bodies for the x30xe

07-06-04, 01:38 PM
Yeah, theres a guy on this site (below) who made his own version of runners for the intake.

This website also explains how much this engine can handle, and its weaknesses... hes doing a build up of his own on a X30XE for a Manta.



big dal
07-07-04, 04:58 AM
yeah ive got some good info from the guy.Im also trying to find the limit of the engine and i have got the cars power up to 350bhp at the moment with nitrous,but the clutch wont take it on the quarter mile track.