: Transmission problem on 99 Catera, always in Limp mode

02-24-09, 05:49 PM
I really need some help from the forum or will need to take it to a dealer. Uggg $$$$
It has been slipping into limp mode since i got it about 18 months ago. For last 6 months or so has remained in limp mode all the time. When the car is started takes a few seconds then the limp light comes on. No lights on the shifter either.
The codes:
- P0705 - Transmission Range sensor circuit malfunction (I replaced the range sendsor with new. Still get the code.)
- P1700 - Manufacturer specific powertrain trouble code (book says transmission MIL request)
- P0650 - MIL control circuit malfunction

The transmission is not slipping so I haven't messed with the fluid yet. Put in new shifter range switch. First time I started it the lights came on for the shifter then quit and back to limp mode. Changed the TCM (with a used on so could also be bad) with no affect.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as my next step is to take it to the dealer and let them loose.