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02-24-09, 10:49 AM
So the Cat decides to start dumping coolant out of the front of the engine, around the pulleys. I am assuming this is a water pump issue, since the HCV was just replaced last year (knock on wood). So, ordered the water pump from gmpartsdirect. Should be here tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I decide to go ahead and tear it down so that I will be ready to put the new pump on when it gets here. I have taken the intake from the plenum to the filter box out, for access. Took the pulley off of the water pump, and that's about as far as I got.
Beerz and time got the better of me. :alchi:
It looks like I am going to have an issue getting to the bolts and getting the pump out of the hole in the timing / cam belt cover. Anyone know if I am going to need to pull the cover off, or will the pump slide out without any clearance issues? I am going to tackle it some more after work, just was curious if anyone knew for sure before I dive in again.

Thanks in advance for your help.


03-13-09, 03:08 PM
So, water pump replacement went easy enough. Only issue was clearance to get to the bolts. Had to break a little piece of the plastic housing for the timing belt off to access the bottom bolt. No biggie.
Car is now leak free. Well, as close as a Cat can be. :rolleyes: But it has developed a nasty twitch when applying the brakes, and shortly afterwards. When the brakes are applied from moderately to heavily, the car jerks to the left. It only lasts for less than a second, but can be a little un-nerving at highway speeds. After a few seconds of driving, it will jerk back the right. Same quick little twitch, than no issues until the brakes are applied again, and the cycle continues.
I cleaned off the rotors, thinking maybe they had coolant on them after the water pump leaking, but no difference. Twitch still there.
I am assuming that since it had a little mishap about 4 months ago (no, I wasn't driving it) where it needed a new pass. side LCA, outer tie rod, and wheel, that these are good. Going to look into the Sway Bar links first, and go from there. Probably end up with a whole new front end before it is done ....... :bonkers: Oh well. I still love this car. The styling still looks better than 90% of the crap out there now. And the handling is great. Normally. lolles