: Setting STS Clock?

02-23-09, 09:02 PM
This will probably be a candidate for one of the dumbest posts ever, but.....I can't set the stupid clock.

This morning, the clock on my 2009 STS apparently decided that Daylight Savings Time had begun, and jumped ahead an hour. (Same keyfob and driver settings as usual.) Since the dealer had set the clock when I picked up the new car, I had never done it, and so I consulted the manual. From the symbols used in the manual and on the radio, it appears that to get into clock-setting mode, the tuning knob on the radio needs to be pushed in. I tried that, and the knob will not depress. It turns just fine for selecting stations, but I cannot push it in.

Am I trying to push the right knob? Or did I misinterpret something in the manual or on the radio? Or is the knob somehow defective?

I would appreciate assistance or suggestions. Thanks.

02-23-09, 11:37 PM
If you have navigation, press Config, then the clock icon on the left. If not, I can't help.

02-24-09, 11:05 AM
For 2008 and 2009 models...With Navigation...With the unit ON, press and hold the CLOCK NUMBERS themselves untill it chnages to the CLOCK ADJUST MODE. The adjust the clock as needed. Be sure to elect the correct time zone for your area...don't just set the clock. This must be repeated on drivers 1 and 2(which may be why it is showing a different time for you now,are you using the same key fob?).

02-24-09, 12:08 PM
Thanks for the help.

When I pressed Config with navigation on, no clock icon appeared anywhere. Other icons appeared on the left side of the screen, but no clock.

Pressing the clock number with navigation on finally worked. I had tried that previously, but the only result was that the day and date appeared at the top of the screen, to the left of the clock. This time, I pressed the clock number AND HELD, and after a couple of seconds, the clock-setting mode appeared on the screen. So that works -- IF you press AND HOLD the pressure for a couple of seconds. A quick press will only make the day and date appear.

What baffles me is that none of this is in the owner's manual. The instructions there for setting the clock are to press the tuning knob on the radio -- which will not depress. I don't know, but it appears that Cadillac changed the hardware/software procedure, and the manual did not keep up with the changes.

Thanks again for the assistance.

02-24-09, 12:08 PM
I thought the clock got the time from the GPS...

02-24-09, 05:16 PM
Cars equipped with the Navigation system have a separate manual that explains the functions that are accessed through it.

02-25-09, 12:01 PM
I thought the clock got the time from the GPS...
They do, IF you select it.

02-25-09, 01:16 PM
The choices don't include all U.S. time zones so it's useless.