: Are there any easy mods to getting more power from the 368 V864?

07-04-04, 12:11 AM
Hey everybody, I've been really enjoying my '81 Fleetwood with the V864 368cu in engine (98.8k miles), but it sure would be nice if it had a bit more power. I'm hoping someone has some suggestions for some easy modifications, nothing like tearing the engine apart for piston or cylinder overhauling, or anything that extreme, but would any of the following lead to noticable power improvements with this engine, such as hi-performance air cleaner, different/improved throttle body injection, hi-perf spark plugs/wires/distributor, exhaust system, anything else? I can switch on & off the 6 & 4 cylinder modes, but even with 8cyls all the time I'd still like a bit more "stoplight" power. Thanks! Doug

07-04-04, 07:55 PM
As long as there's nothing wrong with the 864 system, there's not really a point to disabling it. Your best bet for more performance is find a solid, running 500 or 472 and swapping it in, it isn't too hard. The stuff you've listed isn't going to give you too much more power. A few percent maybe. The exhaust is the possible exception, that might net you a little noticable power.

07-06-04, 10:17 PM
Hi I also have a 81 fleetwood with a 368, multiple displacement motor in it.
mine has 97,000 miles on it. it ran good, and I though what a shame to take out a good running motor just to put a bigger one.:halo:

but one day I thought maybe I heard a lifter make noise? just maybe! well that's all the excuse I needed so, :lildevil:

I am now in the beginning phase of putting a 500 in it !

go look for one now!:D

08-26-04, 04:01 AM
I have a 368 4bbl so I'm familiar with your dilemna. I'd suggest the cheap stuff first like a K&N fiter, a high output coil and it never hurts to clean that throttle body with a little carb cleaner. I'd also say if you have the coin, ditch the ENTIRE exhaust system headers back. If you look under there that 6.0 squeezes that exhaust gas through a tiny y-connecting pipe to a slightly bigger pipe with the Cat and muffler, then it exits out a smaller pipe. Restrictive as hell.

Good Luck

you can see a picture of my engine set-up under the "Sway Bars" topic. I don't want to repost the same pic that's already on here.