: 1993 seville STS

02-22-09, 09:09 PM
Thank GOD I found this forum! I have a problem my mothers STS runs fine till you get on it then it seems to mis .. first we changed plugs and wires since it has 115K on it still missed checked codes and was bringing a crank sensor code so we replaced both sensors and still is throwing the same code . Tomorrow is my mothers birthday and I would really love to get her car fixed for her thanks inadvance..:hmm:

02-23-09, 05:51 AM
:welcome: It could be a bad coil pack in the ICM.

02-23-09, 11:08 AM
Could be a lot of things Im at $400 dollars in guessing now and still have the same issue Im sure there are people on this sight that can drill down on this problem and hit me with something to fix my issue but thanks for your guess I just cant keeep spending money on guesses and not fix the problem.:thepan:

02-23-09, 11:16 AM
Double check your plug wiring against the diagram. The wire attachment to the coils is critical. Google "waste spark ignition".

02-23-09, 11:58 AM
Did you use A/C Delco plugs and wires?