: Stop Engine Low oil pressure

07-03-04, 10:45 PM
I have a 1996 Cadillac Eldorado and I had an oil change done on it when I got it in January 04. The oild light blinks from time to time and now it is saying STOP ENGINE LOW OIL PRESSURE. There is plenty of oil in it. There are 117,000 miles on the car can some one pleeezzz tell me where to start as far as repairing it?
Thanx a bunch in advance,

07-03-04, 10:57 PM
Is the engine quiet and running OK?? If so, then likely the oil pressure is fine and the only problem is the oil pressure warning light switch. The oil pressure warning light switch is located just above the oil filter screwed into the oil filter adapter. It is a pretty simple item to change.

If the oil level warning is coming on occasionally possibly the oil level sensor is failing. That screws into the oil pan on the side and is another item that is easy to change.

The engine can be full of oil and still have no oil pressure if the oil pump fails (unheard of) or the oil pressure relief valve sticks open and the oil pump looses prime. If this is the case the engine will have no oil pressure but it is relatively easy to fix. Just add 8 extra quarts of oil to overfill the sump so that the pump is forced to prime and start the engine. The overfill of oil will force the pump to prime and it will dislodge the debris holding the relief valve open and the oil pressure will then be fine. Just drain the oil down to the correct level and drive. This is only necessary if you are sure that the engine has no oil pressure. It would start to make noises ...lots of clicking and ticking as the valve train and lifters loose their oil supply... if there is no oil pressure.

The oil level sending unit and the oil pressure warning switch are two different things and warn of two different problems. They really aren't related in function.