: Simulated Wood Dash Kits

02-22-09, 01:59 PM
Has anyone had any experience with one of those pre-cut stick on dash kits? Apparently they are a stick on application and don't seen to be overly difficult to install. My concern is that are obviously precut from a flat sheet and some of the pieces will go onto a surface that is not flat. Will the glue hold? I'd hate to screw up a perfectly good interior with something I can live without. I would appreciate thoughts on this as they do look pretty slick.

02-22-09, 06:59 PM
The vehicles that I have seen with those kits peel up after a while, but look pretty good at first.

02-22-09, 09:46 PM
For years, I have used kits from www.wooddash.com and have had great results. My oldest kit that I still own is on my 2001 Chevy Silverado which I installed in early 2001. After 8 years, it has not peeled, faded or otherwise changed a bit since it was installed and this truck has spent most of it's life outdoors.

The kits I have installed include:
1999 STS
2001 Silverado
2002 Eldorado
2003 DTS

My only disappointment was the kit for the DTS. It was not for lack of quality, but the supposed "factory match" was not nearly as nice as the real wood in the car.

We haven't put a wood kit on either of our new STSs because they seemed to have enough wood for us, but I would definitely recommend wooddash.com if you want to put a kit on your car.