: 1995 SDV System

Big John
02-21-09, 09:06 PM
Ok, here's the deal I plan on putting a little system in my daily and I have a few questions.

1)Will 6.5s fit in the front door without adapters or any modification?
2)What brands are good to run? Looking for good midbass and clarity...
3)Are there cutouts in the back door for speakers?
4)What are some nice headunits out for around $175 and under?
5)Should I put a speaker in the center of the dash? How would I run its wiring?
6)I will like it to operate like factory so will I still be able to keep the feature where the car stays on for 10 minutes?

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Big John
02-22-09, 04:10 PM

02-23-09, 10:16 PM
keeping the Retained accessory power is easy as this is the built in to the circuit that powers the radio, I am not totally familiar with the 95 so I am not sure what will fit and what wont. As far as a center dash speaker (center channel) to properly utilize this you will either need a head unit that supports it or a seperate sound/signal processor...either way $$$, and the only real advantage is with either movies or audio DVD's.
As far as speaker brands, my personal preference is MBQuart, but I also like Boston Acoustics and polk's higher end stuff.
as far as head units without breaking the bank stick to either pioneer or kenwood, and personally I would avoid sony; there old Mobile ES stuff was great, but the Xplod has not impressed me in the least.

One place to start might be crutchfield...there prices are not the lowest, but they can usually tell you with some degree of accuracy what will and wont fit in your car...if your new to the system game you may want to buy from them just to get the free support...it is very much first rate.

Sorry i couldn't offer more help

Big John
02-24-09, 12:33 AM
thanx alot for the response. I think Im going to go with a decent Pioneer HU, 2 nice pairs of Infinity speakers(5 1/4 and 6x9s), a decent amp to drive them, and 2 15" Diamond Audio D315s.

02-24-09, 04:46 PM
as far as infinity's, they must have slipped my mind; there kappa's are great for the money, and the reference speakers although not totally spectacular are deffinatly worthwhile for the arena they play in.
As far as Amp's go, keep in mind specs talk louder then words, and it pays to do your homework. there is a lot of decent off brand stuff that will perform just as well as the name brand stuff...Personally between having a brand name, and having great sound I take the later.

Big John
02-25-09, 12:09 AM
Would you happen to know how well the 6.5s would fit in the panel? If they don't fit the hole do you know what is all involved in making it fit?

02-25-09, 01:42 AM
fit in panels for the front or the rear?

Big John
02-25-09, 03:47 AM
Front. I would like speakers in the back door also but I wasn't sure if their were cutouts in it for speakers.

02-26-09, 02:09 AM
I believe that there are cutouts in the rears and the front is 5.5' only...you could probably get 6.5's in there but would have to make a bracket to hold them and cut the door up a bit....thats what I did in the seville...its got a 6.5" mid-bass, and a 4" midrange along with a 1 in tweeter in the mirror triangle