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02-20-09, 03:53 PM
Got my first CDV. The car will need some repair this summer sow iam looking for inspiration. Anyone with an ongoing -72 cupe DeVille project?

02-20-09, 06:33 PM
Go to cardomain.com (http://www.cardomain.com/). There are some nice ride pages with some real nice Coupe De Ville's.
If you have an endless streams of money, this ride page (http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3120811) should be plenty of inspiration.

Cambridge14's 73 Coupe De Veille.

02-21-09, 03:08 AM
Ay, thx. Thats a nice site.
My car is a third generation Cadillac, sow i know it well.
All though iam not a mecanic ill get a kick out of doing repairs myselvs.
Iam Btw from norway. At this time of year you will got to have a garage to do indoor repairsments. Theres to much snow, cold and its dark after 7pm. I do take it for a spin from time to time. Its a rare sight (in town), at least during wintertime. "kind of funny".
For u luck basterds whos got 75 degrees year around, remember there others waiting for the smell of summer, and dry hot roads, doh....
Anyway, just got the Caddy feaver this days, sow I regd this forum, and had to say hello,,
Thx agian for the link sven 914.

02-22-09, 06:59 PM
Congrats on your new ride, Rags. What are your plans for the car? Restoration, customization, modification? Any pictures? 1972 is one of my favorite years. Looking forward to updates on your progress.


02-23-09, 11:08 AM
I hope yours is black. I fell in love with this black '71


02-23-09, 11:38 AM
I have one, my plan is to turn it into a convertible. I just have to figure out if the top from a 70 will work with some modifying :-)

04-03-09, 05:11 PM
I just picked up a 1972 cadillac fleetwood 75 limousine, quite a bit of rust but i only paid 600 for the car and she runs and drives and is pretty straight, just replaced the usual maintanance items, had a problem with the brakes at first but seems to work fine now.

03-02-10, 04:56 PM
Its been a while, and iw done some minor changes to the car.
new, springs and shockers x 4.
Wether strips, and other small changes....
The latest repair was two days ago, when a changed out the old vacume wather valve, and got some nice hot air in the coupe again, wich is lovly when its damn cold.

Next week the car will be serviced for ignition, carburetor, and compression.

thx Rags

03-03-10, 02:07 AM
Pictures, please!!!!