: Front end mods? 85 rack and pinion Fleetwood coupe

02-20-09, 02:05 AM
Hello all Cad Fam. I found the pesky leak and it's the rack and pinion. Does anyone know where/ or of a upgrade that will be swappable for more durability and longevity. I want to improve it the right way.

Please advise I respect all ideas just looking for some options.

Thread for front End Swap Idea's.

Thanks everyone.


02-20-09, 09:02 AM
Would a Impala SS or 9C1 Caprice rack and pinion work?

02-20-09, 09:59 AM
Come on, you guys... it's not a rack and pinion! It is a recirculating ball steering box connected to linkage.

Anyways, your leak is likely at the spot where the lines enter and leave for the power steering fluid. Or, the lines themselves. You can replace the lines to stop the leaks.

Yes, the box from the SS or 9C1 will swap in, and give you faster ratio steering.

02-20-09, 06:39 PM
It looks like it's leaking from the the unit do you have a pic of what you're refering to??

02-20-09, 07:41 PM