: Hello, New guy here, 98 Catera

98 Catera
02-19-09, 10:24 PM
Hello all you fellow Catera owners. Wanted to let you know my story. I always liked Cateras ever since I was a lot boy for Caddy back in 98. I was like "I'd love to have one of these". Well last month I picked up a 98 Catera from one of those shitty dealerships off the side of the road. Was marked 2,900, but I got it for 2,100 + NJ tax. Cause when I took it for a test drive I noticed a few things wrong not knowing anything about the history these cars have. So the reason I talked this guy down was because on the test drive: (1)The trans wasn't grabbing (thought it was just cold) (sudden braking it would go take a few seconds to go back into gear) (2) Poped the hood the radiator was pissing out fluid rite at the hose - radiator side (3) Battery needed to be replaced (was dead and was also the wrong size, the fuse block and stuff were hitting the hood) (4) a bunch of interior stuff was broken or missing (rear seat vents were broken-falling apart, no floor mats, no 2nd key and 0 remotes) (5) The entire car was keyed, every door, trunk, hood, and a lil on the roof. And this is just what I noticed while I was on the lot, and once again I had no knowledge of the problems these cars had/have.

Im not new to working on cars or modding or adding factory options that are missing on the current car. But I never owned a Caddy or a GM at all. So I get this car and bang 1 week into owning it the coil goes bad (#1 cylinder gone) 300 for a new bosch coil - partstrain.com, paid a guy 100 to install it cause I was told it's very hard to install. Drove it for a week and put it back in the shop to have the timing belt, water pump, upgraded pulleys, surpentine belt, tentioner, and such because of the cateras i've seen in the yards and stuff i've read on here about the timing belts snapping around 85-95,000 miles and thats what mine had on it when I bought it 84,255!. So far i've replaced/added many things to this car in the short amount of time i've owned it. I found this great donor car in the local yard, the guy there said I can have the entire interior for 100 bucks!!! so i started taking EVERYTHING I needed!! Took the heated seats front/back, all switches, door panels, driver side door (cause mine wouldnt stay open cause a previous owner destroyed the metal where the thing is supposed to mount to), some pieces from under the hood, everything thats was nicer then whats in my car, including the rear seat vent on the center consol, the entire center consol, etc...

So far I installed a new power mirror switch (they used to only go left and right but there good now), pass side door panel (the power lock switch locked but wouldnt unlock the doors, front driver side door (complete), trunk carpets, pass side actuator for dual-zone climate control (was only blowing COLD air (that was very annoying to passengers for a few weeks, replaced that tonight), replaced the spring for the front drivers side seat belt height adjuster (wouldnt stay up at the height i set it to, it would just fall back to the bottom), front and rear heated seats (rears work great but i cant get the front ones to turn on???? havent dug too far as in to why not), can't remeber what else i've done. Oh yeah, put 4 new tires on it too. But i'm not bashing the Cateras, I love these cars. I have alot of extra stuff from the stuff i swapped out, if you need any pre-2000 (im guessing thats when the body style changed?) parts I have them or can get them.


02-26-09, 01:29 PM
extra cup holding thing thing/rear view mirror

98 Catera
02-26-09, 01:59 PM
All the cup holders i found were broken, ive seen these online anywhere from 40 - 100 bucks. rear view i can get, with or without home link?

98 Catera
03-07-09, 07:22 PM
UPDATE: I got the front seats to heat (relays were missing), replaced all the burnt out climate control lights, replaced the faulty coolant tank with bad sensor, repaired all 4 door panels (they were like a inch from the window - big gap). and some other stuff.


03-08-09, 04:34 PM
Welcome. Looks like you got your hands full. Kinda like everybody else here.
What color is the interior? I would need a black center console arm rest and black rubber front door handles. Can I also get a set of heads? ;)
Thanks and good luck,

98 Catera
03-08-09, 05:06 PM
All the pieces I have are the gross tan color. Sorry no black...

98 Catera
03-13-09, 05:09 PM
I found a car with black interior.. do you still want that stuff? The place I found isn't real good with giving good deals but they have 2 cateras, 1 with black leather and 1 with black cloth.

UPDATE: I'm fixing a set of headlights I picked up for my car so I don't have to be without headlights while I do the project, also picked up a lens cleaning kit.
Got a 2nd key and 2 remotes made.

03-15-09, 04:02 AM
I would like to see this catera. Look like you are doing a lot of work. My grandfather had a catera. I thing it's the same platform as the lumina monty carlo and malibu right?

03-15-09, 06:00 PM
The Catera is the V-body and is RWD, Grandfather to the Pontiac GTO.