: Possible blown rear?

07-03-04, 01:06 PM

I am trying to be good, and take care of the car. I'm worried about all the new fluid because of the amount of metal that I saw outta the motor and the stories I hear about the diff. So I figure, 5k miles, change all the fluids (motor is done, next diff and tranny).

I get the car in the air, and look at the diff, and the left side is wet. Not dripping that I can tell, but CLEARLY wet.

Will post pictures in five minutes. HELP


07-03-04, 01:10 PM
WL -

Could just be a leaking seal around the axle shaft. Do you have any howl/noise coming from the rear end? Be curious to hear how much metal is in your fluid.

07-03-04, 01:14 PM
Also, save the money you spent on your fluids. If you have a leak in the rear end, take it to the dealer for warranty repair. They'll swap the fluid (likely) while they are at it...and then you can save yours for a later swap...just a suggestion.

07-03-04, 01:24 PM
Common problem, no big deal... it's probably the seal around the left half-shaft... take it to the dealer... and as wildwhl said you now get a free fluid change!

07-03-04, 01:36 PM
First time posting pics... I think I'll still do the BMR anti-hop and the tranny fluid change.

I'm a touch worried how much fluid I've lost over the last few thousand miles. While I prob won't change it, I may check to make sure its topped off...


07-03-04, 01:42 PM
I took mine in for a leaking half-shaft seal at 500 miles; they fixed it with no problem. Been dry as a bone (hopefully only on the outside!) ever since.

Good luck.

07-03-04, 06:44 PM
Yes that diff or the halfshaft around it is leaking. I was just under my card today and with over 5K in miles and several trips to the track it is as dry as a bone. Have your dealer check that out!


07-03-04, 07:41 PM

Pulled fill plug. Some oozed out. Not low on fluid. REALY gross fluid oozed out. But it was fluid.

Does the diff have to come down in the seal change?


07-03-04, 11:25 PM
Good Question; I couldn't tell whether they dropped mine or not. Frankly, they did such a good job I couldn't tell what they took apart. I guessed the exhaust system needs to come down, the suspension unbolted on the one side, brake caliper removed, and the half shaft taken out. It looked like the seal is threaded in rather than pressed in, so maybe the diff can stay? Comments from anyone who has tackled a similar job?


07-03-04, 11:35 PM
Had my Z06 diff leak 3 times... all three times the diff did not need to be dropped.... dealers are getting very good at fixing those leaks.