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02-19-09, 08:02 AM
I know with all the HORROR stories about the 97 , my wife has fallin in love with my bosses 97 and he wants her to have it .He rarely drives the car It has all the common issuses Leaky cam covers , Leaky HCV ,. The car only has 65k on it . I have already tried to sway her away but ????? What do you people think ?

02-19-09, 09:51 AM
i'd say get it as long as you have a back up car.... if you can hold off on buying parts from the dealer and you can get parts off ebay and do the repairs yourself you will be ok...

As soon as you have to go to the dealer and get stuff from there you will begin to hate it...

Put it this way, I am a no mechanic and I changed my thermostat by myself with some simple hand tools that I picked up from autozone... and a few different pairs of pliers... and it took me 4hrs or so from start to finish... not that hard...

Do your research ask questions as how to fix it and you will be fine... not all of them are that bad... people hate them because they get $1000+ bills at the repair shops for something simple and then they get a bad name...

Sorry but my Neon had way more issues then my Catera ever did... and at least we know what goes bad with these cateras...

If you like look on ebay for some newer ones... 2000+ were pretty safe bet when it comes to troubles...

02-19-09, 01:11 PM
the 99yr on up were pretty good. i have a 97 at home i need to sell and i've fixed all the issues with it, once you get the bugs worked out they're pretty nice. valve covers, timing belt, idler/tensioner pulley, heater bypass valve (HCV), etc. another thing to consider is that the 97's won't come with in-dash cd receivers. you either have to replace the head unit or buy a multi-cd changer in the trunk. is it is a stock bose system putting in a new head unit becomes a true job. What price does he c=want for it. if it has the issues and he want more than 2k i wouldn't even look into it, but i usually pick up my cats from dealer auctions too. =/

02-19-09, 02:07 PM
I can get the car for $500.00 . One more issue it has I beleive the heater control assembly is bad I Had to pull the 30amp fuse to get the blower motor to shut down with the key off . I can do all my own repairs . I told my wife ok if you really want the car we will get I will fix all the issues and after that if anything goes wrong with motor or tranny out they come and the LS-2 that I was saving for my S-10 will be going in and she just looked at me like NO .

02-19-09, 02:32 PM
Haha thats funny but yeah LS2 would be a hell of a mod for it...

If I were you I would drop in a Supra Motor in there built with Turbos.... Trans to handle it ... and call it a day... theres nothing like meshing your gears and spooling up a 60mm Compressor....

Good luck with it!... 500$ is a great deal for it... then put maybe another 500$ into parts... get them all and just tear up the engine at once and replace everything that goes bad... timing... Thermostat, HCV... etc....etc and then just enjoy it...

I assume your wife is no racer so most likely the cat will last you a long long time...

02-19-09, 05:10 PM
i'd take it.

02-19-09, 09:03 PM
Well when I got home this evening there it was sitting in the driveway My wife had gotten a phone call from my bosses wife asking her to come and get the Cati out of the garage befor he got home , To make way for his new Beemer No doubt, So she went over and got it . She said it made a popping noise in the frontend dont know what that is but ????? I took the keys and told her not to driving it until I give it a GOOD going over this weekend . Great just what I need ANOTHER project . Oh well

98 Catera
02-20-09, 10:57 AM
She said it made a popping noise in the frontend dont know what that is

mine does this too, sound like a blown shock/strut
on the driver side. drives fine but handles like a "bobble head". doent make the noise on highway, only on low speed bumps while wheel is turned.

02-20-09, 09:49 PM
I will tear into it tomarrow and see just what Im getting into and get a parts list going and go shopping , doing all the work at one time and get it over with ( yea right ) for now

02-22-09, 10:55 AM
I figured out what the popping noise is , the bracket the holds the stabilizer bar is gone on the right side ???

02-27-09, 12:53 AM
Hello Folks: I have a 97 up here in Canada, and it's a great little buggy. I did have that "pop", but from the right front wheel well. I noticed on both sides theinner edge of the tire rubs the large rubber ring on the strut. Might be that? Regards, Brian

02-27-09, 07:35 AM
The insulator is still there but the bracket the holds the stabilizer to th lower control arm is gone. I will go to the junk yard tomarrow and see what is there .