: Headlights cloudy on the inside?

02-18-09, 10:58 PM

I tried one of the headlight polishing kits a while ago and my headlights are still cloudy. Is it possible the clouding is on the inside of the plastic cover?

I had to talk my way through my state safety inspection because of the cloudy headlights, but I don't know if I can do again next time and I definitely don't want to invest hundreds of dollars in new headlights. Is there a reasonably priced solution.


Barry ('97, 105 K)

02-19-09, 09:57 AM
Well I would do this... go to walmart and pick up some 800, 1000 WET, 1500 WET and 2000 WET Sand papers...

Then get some Turtle wax rubbing compound and a small buffer (12$) and a few pads... woow cotton... and microfiber... they sell them in a kit...

Start with the 800... the lenz will get super cloudy... get most of the faded sufraces out...

Then move to the 1000

Then 1500

Then 2000

By the time you hit 2000 the lenz should almost be clear with a slight cloudiness to it...

Then buff it with the rubbing compound untill all scratches are clear

ANd finally hit it with some good wax... and this alone should fix the clarity of the lights... make them look like new...

I have tried it myself it works great!...