: po29????

07-03-04, 12:48 PM
What does code PO29 mean??????? My car just got that codeand is driving poorly, if I get up to 40 mph is acts like it is in the wrong gear, any help?

07-03-04, 03:04 PM
Its a problem with the Transaxle shift 'B' solenoid.. i once saw a car with this error code, was wanting $2000. And because of that, evertime i check the dic.. hoping i dont catch the code. Few people on her have fixed them, transmission still in the car, under a few hours too... your best bet would to by the revised ones from the dealership, not sure if they have aftermarket anyways.

search the forums, i think somebody even described how to do it.

edit: sorry, the shift solinoids are controlled by the computer, there are two of them. A & B .. each responsible for certain shifts (1st to 2nd) (3rd to 4th) etc.. gotta go, i can elabotrate if needed

07-03-04, 05:57 PM
I just got my STS back from the shop . I was throwing a PO94 code which is the A soleniod . Sooner or later your going to need to change them or get them done. From reading threads withthe same problems here I know the dealer would be high for the job. I have no problems working on my own car but didn't feel like tackling this job. I took it to tanny shop that I know has done work for me before and I know dealers take them work . So I knew this shop could handle it. All said and done I dropped the car off thursday afternoon and the next day by 10 it was done. Cost me $345.00 , which I was happy to pay. The Dealer wants from $1300 - $1500 for the same job.

If you feel up to the job do a search for either codes or A-B soleniod replacement. I know there's a few step by step threads on how to do it yourself. Look here to http://www.caddyinfo.com/howto.html you might find something on it . Good luck