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02-18-09, 12:58 PM
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(Maybe for Electrical, but I thought I'd have better luck here in A/V)

I've been searching around for some information on my current issue (pun not intended) regarding my '03 EXT and my upgraded AV.

I've got two 10" headrest LCDs in the back, and added an inverter to power the xBox 360 I modded into the center console rear.

I've added a Powermaster 200+ Amp alternator with an Optima to power the system, upgraded the main charging wires to 4ga (or larger).

With the truck running, I get about 10 minutes of playtime on the xBox before the voltage drops under 10V and the safety on the inverter kicks in and shuts off the power until it gets back up to higher than 10V. Of course, as soon as the xBox starts rebooting, it sucks the voltage back down to under 10V. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Since I was just testing, the inverter was plugged into the lighter socket in the back. I wondered if that wasn't able to pull enough power, but then I wouldn't get 10-15 minutes of good power before it dropped out.

I'm thinking a solution would be to pop another battery in parallel. Does anyone have any similar experience and/or suggestions?



02-18-09, 08:26 PM
adding another battery will patch your issue, but not solve it...Based on my 2 mins of reasearch, it looks like the xbox power supply is 110v 5A in, and 12v 16.5A out (203 Watts), Not sure what size inverter you are running, but effectivly you are going from DC to AC, and then back to DC at almost the same voltage (think VERY inefficient).
The 2 quick and easy options I see are:
1. Find a 12 V regulator capable of at least 16.5 (I would go higher), this will stabilize the output of the car (which will naturally fluctuate between 12-14v), and feed it directly.
2. Make and educated gamble...IT MAY WORK to build a power cable that will go directly from the lighter to to the xbox....If this does not work you could damage the xbox, but to be honest if it were mine this is the route I would go...most modern electronics like this with 12v power supplies are engineered to also deal with the typical 13.6 a car will put out. As I said, I make NO guarntees, however if you started a pool I would put $100 on the side of it working.

Keep in mind in either scenerio you are close to the limit of what that circuit was rated for...You may want to run a seperate 20A fused power line from the battery, in theory right now if you have the xbox in full swing and activate another one (if not one then two)of the lighters you should be able to blow the fuse.

Long story short, its not lack of power, its the overhead in the way you are running it

03-13-09, 03:19 AM
That's true when you upgraded you charging system wires did you leave the oem wires on the caddy and add the 4 guage on top. I would also do the big 3 upgrade. 2 tvs and a xbox shouldnt drop you to 10v.