: Brake pad squeal@ exactly 39000 miles

02-18-09, 08:44 AM
:cool2:Cruising down Broadway to score a breakfast taco @ the Pigstand, watching the odo low crawl to the 39000 mile mark on my 06 blk/blk Nstar no sunroof but yes everything else SRX.
Listening to a re-issue of SteamHeat's only (I think) album and just as the 0's align to exactly 39000, the right front brake pad starts the "needs new pads" squeal.
¿Question is, what is average SRX brake pad road life and @ only 39K, is it a factory warranty issue? (Still have 12k left on warranty, woohoo)

02-18-09, 04:15 PM
Brake pads are not a warranty item.....but having said that....that is a bit early for brake pads depending of course on were you live (mountains etc.) and were you drive (freeway or stop and go). I am just about to do fronts on my 06 with 45,000 miles but the reason I need to do them is that one of the pads (rf outer) got hung up on the slides and got cocked and wore the front corner off. Looking at the rest of the wheels I probably would have another 10 or 15,000 miles before needing doing.

If you can.... take a look at it yourself and if you can't take it into one of the brake places that offer free brake inspection and have a look at it while it is on the hoist. They will mark rotor wear and how many milimeter's are left on each of the pads.

02-19-09, 04:20 PM
Tres, look at this string.
Replaced all four sets of pads and rotors at 39K.
Seems normal.

02-20-09, 12:37 AM
Replaced ours in an 05 SRX at 24K . . . ouch.

02-25-09, 05:52 PM
That is about right for new pads on a 5,000lb vehicle. It's easy to do your self or take it somewhere for $75 and have to fight them wanting to put new rotors on.