: level ride system to straight shocks

02-18-09, 01:23 AM
Anyone go from level ride system to straight shocks on their late eighties broughams? Just wondering how much of a hassle it would be. Any extra parts required or disassembly of old system? Also anyone have any experience with KYB shocks?

02-18-09, 07:44 AM
It is pretty simple. Just buy some rear springs from a Caprice or Roadmaster without rear level ride and pair them up with rear shocks for the same vehicle.

The shocks are fairly cheap, frome $15.00 (Gabriel) to $75.00 (Bilstein).

Then you just pull the fuse or disconnect the air pump and you are good to go.

I have done this to almost every RWD Brougham I have owned. It eliminates a potential headache and does allow for a better balanced ride.

02-18-09, 11:54 AM
I agree. You cannot just replace the shocks. The Caddy springs are softer because the air shocks helps support the car unlike non air shocks which do not support a car.

02-18-09, 02:31 PM
just pick up some standard air shocks, and make life easy on yourself,

02-19-09, 10:49 AM
The shock companies used to make a coil-over shock to replace the level-ride shocks. I would think they still do. The springs are not strong enough for just a regular shock. If you can find an old timer at the parts store, they should be able to look them up for you.

02-19-09, 11:12 AM
Decided to stay with the original setup. Set of max airs was only 57 bucks from amazon. Pump still works fine so less for parts and less for labor as well. It was just more cost effective to stay with the level ride system.