: wiring new speakers and amp...gauge, length...

02-16-09, 10:41 PM
hey guys.

(numbered to simplify answers)

1. i have 8 4ohm Polk speakers already in place in the car. I have a Kenwood cd/mp3 player i got november of last year running only 4 of the speakers at the moment. I'm going to order a Polk PA200.4 amplifier, which can run 4 channels at 2-ohm each stable, so i can run all 8 speakers from it. I dont need a lot of power, just enough to listen to all 8 speakers clearly "loud" enough for regular driving, no spl shows, etc. so unless you guys tell me otherwise, i think the PA200.4's 320W will be enough for me...correct?

2. i was told to take this opportunity to upgrade the wiring, so i'm thinking of getting 16-gauge oxygen-free copper wiring all around for the sound system. is that gauge good enough? i believe the stock gauge i'm running on right now looks about 18-20ga, and it's def. not OFC wiring either. do you have a site you'd recommend to get the wiring from?

3. also need clarification on something else: i'm running 2 speakers on each channel. the rear deck and rear door speakers, i dont have a choice because of their distance from each other. but with the front door speakers i have a choice. i could either run double wiring into each channel in the amp, and run the double wires from there to each door speaker OR just run single wires from the amp to the doors and there making the split into each speaker...let me know if that doesnt make sense to you guys. which is better?

4. im confident in doing wiring, but i dont like wasting time. so...how many feet of wiring do i need? we're talking 1) running 8 wires (4 channels x 2) from the head-unit to the polk amp in the trunk 2) running wires back from the amp in the trunk to the front door speakers 3) running wires to the rear speakers 4) small patch from the amp to the rear deck speakers. i'm too tired to guesstimate right now how much:thepan:

thanks for all the help and i apologize for the long post!

02-17-09, 12:43 AM
nevermind guys. went through online tutorials and looked at the manuals of the cd player and of the amplifier and figured out what i need, and where to get it.

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02-17-09, 07:38 PM
I purchased a 100 foot roll of 12ga wire for my setup in the 94 deville...... I have a pass of 0 gauge wires running along the drivers side of the car so I had to do some serious rerouting of the cables to avoid noise in the speakers. Both driver side door speakers were ran overhead around down and to the back on the passenger side of the car... All in all complete rewire of all 4 door speakers/rear deck took about 55 feet of wire and a lot of patience.

02-17-09, 08:37 PM
thanks for the tip.

i had already thought of getting 100 ft worth of wiring. since i'm not pushing much power, i'm only getting 16 ga copper wire. i know i'd rather have extra wiring left, than run out of "good" wire 'cause the stores around me dont seem to carry any:rolleyes:

regarding the engine noise, do you think that will be a problem with the 8-gauge power i'll be running on the driver side? i think i can manage it if necessary, but it'd be a bitch to go through all that trouble:thepan:

03-13-09, 03:24 AM
You don't run your power wire next to your signal speaker wire. The rule is rca/speaker wires one side power wire the other. Its easier if you put the amp power wire on the side your battery is on.

03-13-09, 08:18 AM
thanks for the comment, although i already did the install a couple of weeks ago.it's been working great so far. all 8 speakers working together with the clearer sound from the amp sounds nice:)

now for some bass:rolleyes:

03-17-09, 05:34 PM
You don't run your power wire next to your signal speaker wire. The rule is rca/speaker wires one side power wire the other. Its easier if you put the amp power wire on the side your battery is on.

Tis a myth. Running power wire next to RCA's does not bother a single thing and you can do it without a problem.

03-18-09, 01:04 AM
tis not a myth if you use ultimate crap cable, this I have seen....however if you use any sort of decent cable I would totally agree

03-18-09, 10:33 AM
Touche. But if you are using complete crap cables, you are going to have more issues than possible noise from a power wire.

03-18-09, 09:03 PM
to that I will agree...saw a 90 eldo in the bone yard....looks like the drivers seat was responsible for slicing the amp power cable open, and it was clearly unfused. I started looking at this after I realized that it was not heavy tint on the windows, and the dash, door panel, and seat look like they all were supposed to be the main coarse at a bar-be-que.
It was 4 gauge wire, but the insulation looked only a little thicker than two-ply tissue paper.