: Will 2005 cluster work in a 2004?

02-16-09, 10:59 AM
I need to replace the instrument cluster in my 2004. I was told the 05 cluster would work (rather have the chrome bezels). Anyone know for sure if that is the case.

What about the odometer, will it automatically show my cars milage or will it need to be reset somehow?


02-16-09, 11:38 AM
Don't know why it wouldn't be "plug & play"; however I'm pretty sure the odometer is part of the cluster. Just make note of the difference and record it on the bill of sale if you ever sell/trade it.

02-16-09, 12:35 PM
Thanks sgilbert. I was wondering if the odometer was part of the cluster or if it would just display what the ecu had stored. I guess I'll find out :hmm:


02-17-09, 12:41 AM
The 04-06 SRX's were essentially identical, so I'd think that the instrument cluster would have the same part #. There's a web site GM Parts Direct (google it), that allows you to browse the parts catalog, although it's unwieldy. Might be worthwhile to play around on the site choosing an 04 SRX and then an 05 SRX, and see if the part #'s (or the prices) are the same.

02-17-09, 08:40 AM
I did the swap successfully. It works plug&play. When you order your new cluster, order it with the appropriate mileage, if you want to. Otherwise, make a record as required by law. I had no success with importing PCM mileage into fresh chrome cluster...

02-17-09, 09:39 AM
Thanks for the input Autobahn Burner. It's a used cluster so is there any way to have the dealer reset it to the actual mileage? No biggie if not, I plan on driving it till it blows up so no need to worry about documentation. But I will notate the mileage difference.

OT: Autobahn, took your advice I read awhile back about using the Durastop Rotors when it's time for brakes. Good choice, much better than stock. Thanks.