: Ralphs avatar of the day

07-03-04, 12:13 AM
Ralph , that pic you have today of that young patriot , whats the story ? i have a bad feeling it doesnt have a happy ending...

and what do you canadiens call your young troops ?(what i call patriots)

07-03-04, 04:01 AM
It started by trying to find some good U.S. flag pics for Independance Day to use as an avatar. I got the photo from army.ca, the Canadian Army website, where they also pay respects to American Metal of Honor winners. The name given for that photo was "Lemon." That's it! So I wanted to research who he was, and I found this interesting website. If you scroll down, there is a Peter C. Lemon who won the metal, and is currently residing in Colorado. It looks like him from my avatar also! I was shocked when I discovered he was born in Toronto (a Canuck) who fought in Vietnam, and there is an interesting story to boot as well.

Scroll down to "Lemon" and read his Vietnam experience!


07-03-04, 04:33 AM
and what do you canadiens call your young troops ?(what i call patriots)

I think "Patriots" is a more of an American term and very popular in the U.S. For us, I've heard "Patriotic" or "Loyalists." But I think anybody can use the term "Patriot" for any country they serve IMO.

Here is the original pic of Lemon.

07-05-04, 01:08 AM
Stoney, calling for Stoney, :p have you checked out that Citations site yet? I thought you would like it. I think it looks like the same soldier. (Lemon)