: 84 deville 4.1 timming gear front cover removed tips

02-14-09, 05:49 PM
hi i borught a 84 deville last month always wanted 1 and been in england there pretty hard to find here

anyway one came up cheap but wouldn't start / run but wanted it so got it

anyway its striped a tooth off the timming wheel and i need to put new chain and wheels on

ive got all the belts off etc and down to the bottom pulley whats the best way to get this off a silde hammer ? also it looks like you screw a bolt into it what size is that if its right ?

also next Q i do have another engine i got out a crashed car again just std 4.1 would it be easyer just to rip out the old 1 and put this 1 in ?

any help will be great its my 1st cadillac and im all new to it but loving working and have a cadillac

02-14-09, 06:47 PM
You need a harmonic balancer puller/installer. Don't use a slide hammer! Since you're this far, try fixing the engine you have apart. At least you will know if it is good when you are done. Keep that other 4100 as a spare ;)


02-14-09, 06:59 PM
thanks just gone on ebay now and order one be able to get on with it mid week or weekend what to get it out and drive it so much

02-14-09, 07:22 PM
That puller must grip at the small diameter boss at the center of the power steering pulley. That machined groove you see at the pulley's center. The water pump coolant by pass pipe is a little tricky upon reassembly. That pipe can corrode where the o rings slip onto it. Make sure you get a replacement now in case. When the belts go back on, make sure the smog pump belt is new and tightened enough. If too loose, the alternator belt will slip on the water pump pulley and cause a weak alternator output.