: Ballast

02-14-09, 01:08 PM
I have been searching for a replacement ballast for mt cat sport with the factory HID and I came across on ebay a pair of ballast new for $70.00 and free shipping, now this sounds to good to be true, it's made or should I say labeled by KDO LJ Racing #bas023. here is a link to the location and with picture of this unit, my concern is, if anyone here is familiar with this product

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/XENON-HID-Replacement-Ballast-Lexus-Acura-TL-RL-IS-GS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742Q2em153Q2el1262Q QcategoryZ36476QQihZ020QQitemZ300279599087

02-15-09, 11:39 AM
Im not familiar with it, but that plug looks like it would work with our headlight housings.

02-15-09, 02:19 PM
I do not doubt, that it will not accommodate our present factory HID setup, they also have the adapter for $15.00 for the pair, but my concern is the quality of the product, the price is more than reasonable for a pair of ballast's and new to top it off, a replacement Hella used is running around the $90.00 price range, more or less depending on your search intensity. i just purchased a pair used OEM Hella for $91.02 with shipping but I also came across a deal on ebay for a pair of OEM Hella new for $185.00 + $15.00 shipping which I would have gone this route but I was committed to the other auction unless someone else outbid me, which I was hopping for, but needless to say it did not happen. and I won the auction @ $81.02. just hope they do work you just never know with used ebay stuff.

thanks for the reply..

02-16-09, 08:06 PM
Yeah im curious about them because i purchased some euro projector headlights for my wifes 98 cat and im curious as to how to rig up some HID's for it, and those seem to have the correct main plug to have one wire going into the headlight.

02-17-09, 03:29 AM
Those Chinese made eBay balalsts are garbage and don't last very long.

Be careful when looking for legit OEM ballasts on eBay. Shady sellers on eBay sell sub standard chinese ballasts with fake labels listing Hella, Phillips etc. as the manufacturer and charge the much higher price of a authentic OEM part.