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02-14-09, 04:40 AM

I have a 2000 sts, and would like to add my alpine amp and sub. I want to do it myself if i can to save some $$. Does the bose system already in there have line outputs, and do any of you know how to get to them. Also, how do you identifiy the remote wire. Really I would just like a schematic and specs, it would make this so much easier.

Please let me know. Thanks

02-14-09, 04:54 AM
Hey, I have the same question for a 2000 sts.

I want to add my alpine amp with 1 sub and 4 midranges. I want to leave the existing BOSE stereo in place, just add to it. soo...

- how can i get at the rca outputs on the existing BOSE head unit
- how can i identify the remote wire of the existing BOSE head unit
- where is the existing amplifier for the existing BOSE system. I've been reading the posts here and there seems to be confusion. Some say that the amplifiers and seperate for each speaker, and others are saying that a single amp is built into the bose head unit itself. please advise
- where is the existing sub located
- what is the best way to get at the existing bose speakers without damaging the interior? I just bought the car and wont be able to pick it up until tuesday so i dont know anything. How many speakers are there in this system, and how big are they? Personally, I want to listen to the stereo some more to make sure there are no broken speakers. I would like to replace the left/right speakers in the front with some new alpines run off of my amp. I would like to use the existing wireing.
- I want to run my new sub off of my alpine amp, and disconnect the existing bose sub. In my test drive I really wasnt' impressed with it. I know I said this earlier, but I need to know where it is and if possible would like to use the same wiring ~ if the guage permits.
- will i cause any damage to the existing BOSE headunit if i disconnect 3 of its speakers (front left / right and sub?)
- based on my explaination of the 3 speakers I would like to replace and run off the separate amp, do you have any suggestions of the best place to put my amp which would minimize the amount of wire I need to buy.

Guys, you help is appreciated.


correction: in the first sentence of my previous post, I said i want to add 1 sub and 4 mids. This is wrong, I really want to replace the sub, and front left/right all run off my apline amp.

02-14-09, 05:16 AM
could you send me the factory service manuals for a 2000 sts, if you have them? webbstyle@hotmail.com

Thanks, Andrew.