View Full Version : 1961 Fleetwood

02-13-09, 09:14 PM
Can someone please help. What kind and size of engine can I put in my 1961 Fleetwood

02-14-09, 01:32 PM
do you want to put in just another motor the same as you have? I believe you have a early 390 motor... the eazyist thing is just get another 390 or rebuild the one you have if it can be rebuilt...Putting in a different motor than what came in the car always takes some cutting and fab. work... and takes a lot of time and money....Tell us more about what you have and want to do...

02-14-09, 02:12 PM
You could find out what other motor options came in the car for that year, if any. Is the 390 a Caddy motor? More then likely you will be able to.......acually this goes too far back for my brains Cadillac knowledge. 425, 472, 500?