: 94 FWB terrible Headlights

425 Dual Quad
02-13-09, 07:35 AM
Was out in the 94 fleetwood last night on a moonless night on a country road and could hardly see!
I have the standard lamps and it seems the main beam and high beam is onlyu coming from the one lamp in the headlamp - which on a close look seems a 4 lamp unit. The high beam must just switch on an additional filament in the blub.
I have the standard bulbs or maybe the Philips SilverStar bulbs in - I can't remember if i took them out or not but I do remember they made no difference.
My 65 Buick and 67 Chrysler have the high beam as a separate inboard light unit and are much much brighter than the 94 Fleetwood!
I read somewhere that there is a wiring fix that is used on GM light trucks to switch the high beam to the inboard light bulb of the cluster and give more light.
This was a plug in harness and doesn't increase the loading on the loom.
In an old car i'd just put in brighter blubs, relays and thicker wire to handle the current but in a modern car such as the 94 Fleetwood I don't want to mess with the wiring for fear of overheating the wiring/ rest of the system or fear of setting off trouble codes unless I know what i'm really doing.
Has anyone done a 'brighter lights' mod using all the bulb sockets available in the front light unit and if so how please?
Thanks in advance, Nick

02-13-09, 08:58 AM
I have PIAA Extreme white plus bulbs for the highs and lows on my '96. I rarely drive it at night, but it was a cheap alternative to HIDs and did make a difference in light output and quality.

02-14-09, 02:06 AM
the 93-96 fltwd brghm's are famous for having reflective loss issues, in other words the silver reflective background turns dark and the bulb intensity is diminished greatly, very very common, you can even see it, if the headlamp looks darkisk in the backround ,
easy fix, replace with used or new assembly's
yes I have the parts to fix this, no im not just trying to sell parts
this is a common issue~~~~~~~~~

02-16-09, 12:20 PM
I reckoned it was only me complaing about the poor lights of FWBs .