: 2009 CTS-V Auto Manual Mode Issue

02-12-09, 12:21 PM
Can any 2009 CTS-V owners with an automatic transmission verify something for me? I've noticed that when I have the shift mode in 'manaul', i.e. shifting either with the paddle shifters or the gear selecter itself, the car will only return to 2nd gear upon coming to a stop. I thought I had read in the owners manual that the transmission should return to 1st gear when in manual mode. Please note, I'm not referring to the normal practice of the car to start in 2nd gear when in 'normal' or 'sport' mode, but rather it's inablitlity to fully downshift into 1st when coming to a stop in 'manual' mode.

02-12-09, 02:01 PM
My car does that too, and i think it is just how it is supposed to work. I just figured it too be more of a precaution seeing as the first gear in this car is so violent, that they would rather have you choose to shift it down to first therefore being ready for the takeoff that you are about to experience.

02-12-09, 02:08 PM
^ yep. All the manual owners say they have to usually do a 2nd gear takeoff because it'll just peel the tires....Nice to have the option though.

02-12-09, 02:13 PM
Also gives you confidence in the slowest turns of a road course that you won't slap it down to first accidentally...