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02-12-09, 07:52 AM
Well this morning my right headlight didnt light up... so I think my ballast is shot... so instead of being alll :rant2: I am like... :bouncy::rolleyes:(50Ws)...

:stirpot:Heck yessss.... So I just ordered a 50W DDM Slim kit for my low beams and a 35W Slim kit for my Highs...

And I will be tearing into the headlights in a few days...

The plan is to pull the old A6 projectors out, replace with the RX Projectors and some new Philips 85122+ bulbs powered by DDM Slim ballasts (50W) thats roughly around 5000LM of light compared to the OEM 3200LM...

I also got a second set of RX projectors and those might find home in the high beam area... and combined with a dual 50W system we are talking around 20,000lm of light... and that is simply dangerous to put in prostpective...

the typical OEM Halogens put out 1000-1300lm of light... and I am talking about 20, 000lm... :highfive:not to mention the Projector FOGS which add another 6000lm...

Well Keep an eye on this thread for more info pictures, and a nice HOW TO.... :stirpot:

:alchi: Let the mods begin!

02-16-09, 01:32 PM
Guys the retrofit is complete... I havent been able to find any of my cameras, I think I left them at my paretns house... so i used my cell phone to snap a few shots...

I wish I could have taken a few pictures of the retrofit installation process... but oh well... here are some pics...



This is the RX projector I used...

Here are some of the internals...

02-16-09, 06:05 PM
Nice! I have retrofitted my previous cars. The factory HID isn't that good?

02-16-09, 10:49 PM
Well the factory stuff is so-so and I am a kind of guy who just cant live with a so-so, I have to have the best and I am dying to do little projects to my car and this was a great opportunity to do something different so that I can stand aside from the crowd.

I will post pictures of before and after and you guys can see the difference...

02-17-09, 03:21 AM
How much did you pay for the projectors and why did you raplace them? Also is the reflective bowl metal or plastic?

When I opened my stock headlights I noticed that the silver reflective coating in the bowl has faded and is peeling in some areas.
This is definitly hurting the output of my lights. Interesting to note that I have a OEM catera halogen projtor headlight and
the projector is all metal unlike the cheap plastic HID projector bowl.

Those chinese made ballasts are junk. I installed a set in the fog lights and they only lasted a year. From what I've read, one year
is the average life that people get out of them.

02-17-09, 07:32 AM
Well metal or plastic I think it doesnt really matter, however I think the plastic molded projectors have a supperior output to the metal ones, because the metal stamping could not be made to higher tolerances such as the plastics...

Look at Hella everything they make is computer generated surface and all reflectors are made out of plastic... they simply dont use a metal bowl...

The quality of the projector is importatn so going with one of the asian manufacturers KOITO or STANLEY will be your best bet...

Now as the projector itself well I simply wanted more light and the OEM one just wasnt cutting it for me... the bowl does not create a very wide beam at all... it was way fuzzy and the light dived off to the sides meaning it did not shine off straight it more or less curved down...

now the new projector throws out an amazingly bright and wide lilght output and from what I hear it works great wtih a 50W HID kit... so thats already on order.

I paid 115$ Shipped from ebay for the RX projectors and 40$ for clear lenses... I made my custom shields from some alum flashing and I am extreemly happy with the output and the resutls... and the painted internals gave it a new look...

As for the HIDs.. the chineese junk is like you said cheap and doesnt last long but I had mine for 2 yrs and still no problems...

These days the digital ballasts are taking over and their failure rate is next to nothing...

BTW are people interested in a group buy of some HID kits? Might have a nice source that has lifetime warranty and 35/55w kits...

02-17-09, 08:08 AM
Here are comparison shots of the Projectors and the Output of each...

02-19-09, 09:26 PM
the factory lamps aren't bi-xenon projectors?

02-19-09, 11:02 PM
Nope Xenon D2S Low Beam and Halogen H7 High Beam...

I considered BIXenon upgrade with RS6 Projectors but I wanted a bad ass projector that performed well at one thing... and not so so at two things...

SO RX projector with severely moded shield and lens... and a H7 HID kit in the HIgh Beams for extra light when needed... works way better then any single BiXenon projector ever will...

02-19-09, 11:17 PM
Here is a before and After shots..

BEFORE A6 Projectors

AFTER RX Projectors

98 Catera
02-20-09, 11:04 AM
I hate to bust-into this thread asking a maybe-dumb question but, where can I get a hid projector or oem style headlight that isn't in 2 or 3 pieces? I got my car a month or so ago and the head light housing is looks like it fell inside itself and my high beams dont work (the headlight switch indicates so w/ a red light, when i hit the high beam switch it shows blue on the gauge cluster but no show out front). I found a few donor cars around but they all have the same headlight problem with the broken housing. Is all new the way to go or can it be fixed/modded to stay straight? i'd rather install HIDs if im ripping them all the way out.


02-20-09, 02:59 PM
Well for starters do you have projector or reflector....

Projector: D2S HID Low Beam with H7 High Beam
H1 Halogen Low Beam with H7 High Beam

Reflector: H1 Halogen Low Beam with H7 High Beam

So if your assembly is broken one thing you can do is crack the housing open and glue the pieces together and then simply put them all back in the assembly and glue everything back up, its fairly simple...

Get some Epoxy glue 90sec works great... preheat oven to 250... heat lamps for 5min tops +/-min wont hurt and then separate the lens from the housing...

The reflector piece should then come off... you will see the tabs that are holding it.. remove them... glue those back to the way they were... and reinstall the same way you took them appart...

For a newbie it should take no more then 1hr per headlight...

98 Catera
02-20-09, 03:38 PM
i have plain reflector headlights (which i might add that my hi-beams dont work at all), i want stock or upgraded HIDs if i can get ahold of them. Also if I can get ahold of new housings...

02-20-09, 04:05 PM
Well I have been looking for over 2 years and I am yet to find a cheap set...

OEM Projector Halogen stuff runs in the 300$ for a new set...

HID stuff is 600+... you will be better off with a custom set up or something shipped from UK or Germany...

98 Catera
02-20-09, 05:23 PM
ok awsome, thanks for the input.

02-25-09, 07:04 PM
Here are a few more pictures of the output....

Picture of the Clear Lens...

Cutoff on the Garage... COLOR SHIFT... (Couldnt figure out the camera settings) There is a good amount of color at the cutoff line but I couldnt get it to show on the pictures... and also my headlights were dirty and wet because it was raining the last few days...

This streak of light above the cutoff line becomes much thinner and sharper in the distance and it causes a flicker effect for the oncoming drivers but it does not blind them... simply there for color/flicker.


03-05-09, 09:42 PM
HIDs are on the way in a mean time I painted the Blazers for a bit more custom look...

These will go in the OEM Fog light housing as a set yellow/white both with 35W HID kits...

03-09-09, 08:23 PM
This is what came in the mail today from DDM

So far my headlights have been upgraded with RX330 Non AFS Projectors.

Now with the new upgrades!

55W HID Goes for the RX Projectors
35W H7 6K Goes to the High Beam

Yellow 35W 880 5K
Blue 35W 880 5K

Here are some of the pictures.





55W vs 35W


Blazer Fog next to DDM-Raptior HID ballast.

03-09-09, 08:35 PM
niiice! be sure to post output pics when you are finished. better be using a realy for each pair of ballasts!

03-09-09, 09:58 PM
Plan is to use 3 Relay Harnesses... all will be powering the fog lights...

I already have one installed which turns on the High Beam/DRL with a flick of a switch...

The 3 sets of fogs will be mounted in the bumper 1 set by itself the other 2 will fit in the OEM Fog Assemblies...

I think I will use the Yellow set only in bad weather rain/fog etc...

And the 2 sets of Clear, one will be used all the time and the second set will be used in areas where extra light is needed...

The high beam will likely not see much use but oh well...

03-12-09, 12:38 AM
I am also interested in using HID's for my highbeams, let us know where you mount the ballast, or post a pic.

Also can you post the dimensions of those ballasts, they look very small. How much did each kit cost?

Do you plan to mount projectors inside the fog light housings?

03-12-09, 12:45 PM
Well as of now the cost is still fairly low...

It goes as follows...

RX Projectors 115$ Ebay
Clear Lenses 30$ Ebay
Custom Shields ~1$ and some skill

55W Ballasts ran me 90$
Hi/beam ran around 45$

The two Blazer Projector sets were 40$/each
Two PnP HID kits were in the 90$ range...

All together who knows under 500$ish... :hide:
:hmm: Seems like a lot now that I put it in prospective but oh well it was a fun 500$...

As for the hi/beam a relay harness from Walmart or Radioshack will do... a simple switch takes power from the high beam relay and a second switch cuts off that power so you can choose when the lights are used...

Once the switch is activated the car controls it as if it was with halogens... DRLs still work high beam still funcitons..

But on those sunny days when you dont want the DRLs on you leave the switch off...
As for dimentions I will take some pictures... and post them up...

Here is a how to guide done by someone else on to how to install your H7 Kit...

http://www.ddmtuning.com/content/techtips/h7install.pdf :shhh:

And these are SLIM BALLASTS SPECS...


03-13-09, 01:42 PM
Would the 2001 Catera sport (HID projectors) headlights fit in a regular 1999 catera's housing? Is it possible to retrofit with the ballasts and wiring, etc.?

I, too, want HID (preferably Xenon) to install in my Catera.

03-13-09, 02:58 PM
Yes if someone tells you no they are lying... the headlights are exactly the same with one exception... I am not sure if the pre 99 had the third leg... that mounts under the headlight behind the bezel piece...

So if you come across some cheap projector Halogen or HID lights, buy them after a small mod to the wiring you will be ready to install the system...

The only thing you will need is a ballast plug which you can get on ebay, then cut both wires from the low beam or tap into them... and then wire in teh plugs for the Ballast...

After that its a simple plug and play...

Now the HID out of a 2001 sport will be quite an improvement however I think that a custom retro will be cheaper and more effective if you have the skill to do it...

Its not so hard, you need to open the headlghts with your oven... then inside you need to figure out a creative way to mount the projector and to be able to adjust it top to bottom or side to side... and other then that its simpler then people think it is...

However the easiest way to go is to get yourself an H1 HID kit and then install it as I know the OEM Relfector housings are qutie nice and they do well with HID kits.... not much glare at all...

12-10-10, 09:59 PM
semi-old thread but here goes, im retrofitting my catera's aftermarket depo lights with bi-xenon fx-r projectors from the retrofit source. i have the vvme 55w kit and projectors along with 5000k morimoto d2s 50w bulbs that are coming in the mail tomorrow. after looking at the how-to catera mv6 made i was wondering does painting the outer piece of the headlight black does anything? i would like to paint it black but if it offers some disadvantages forget it.

12-10-10, 10:46 PM
Nope thats just for looks and a more custom look....

When you paint the outter trim a flat black you end up darkening the edges of your headlight and focusing more attention on the center chrome parts... and as a result you end up with a cleaner more of a M3/AMG factory look...
THose guys always do little tricks to offset their cars from the rest...

12-10-10, 10:48 PM
I've actually switched from RX to FX-R on my assemblies and I am quite happy with that.

Here is a link. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3006002/2001-opel-omega/page-20

12-11-10, 12:38 AM
okay so when painting over the chrome outer piece should i sand it down with some fine sandpaper or just spray flat black over chrome? and i just remembered when placing the order i didn't specify whether i wanted 35w or 50w morimotos, i assume they gave me 35w bulbs which is okay cause i got some extra 35w ballasts around. would it be worth it if they did send me 35w bulbs to return them and get 50w bulbs to use the 55w ballasts i already have? and last question, does the extra heat generated by 55w ballasts really cause any harm?

12-11-10, 03:55 PM
Well all bulbs are 35W... and can be boosted to 55W... much like a welder increase the wattage amps, and you increase the welding capabilities etc.

What you should do is get a set of OEM Bulbs, FLOSSER, PHILIPS OSRAM... I have some brand new ones if you want a set let me know.

If you boost any of the above you get very minor increase in temperatures, but more light, where aftermarket bulbs are trying to find the secret to the right mixture of gasses, that the OEMS have figured out for a long time...
They either cut costs on those gasses, salts and they end up with a bulb that puts out less light and makes more heat.

I have seen aftermarket bulbs run on 55W ballasts, that bubble the chrome wihtin few uses... so thats a big no-no.

I am running an actual DL50 bulb by philips which is a 50W standard, and can be boosted to 75W but you sacrifice a rare and expensive bulb, and you also shorten its life.

PHILIPS OEM bulbs do almost 90% of the DL50 but cost a lot less, and produce just a tad bit more heat.

I would go to DDMtuning.com and order a 55W HID Kit from them it costs around 35$
Then get a pair of Philips bulbs which will run ya 40-50$ off ebay.
And also get the spacers for the FXR.
The rest is up to you.

BTW I just painted the shrouds, no sanding required... just make sure you dont leave grease marks from handling, because the paint wont stick.
I used a flat black paint from walmart, cost me around 3$

12-13-10, 07:07 PM
okay so my fx-r's came in the mail today along with 35w bulbs. and that is the high point of my retrofit. first when i go to disassemble the headlight i go to pull the piece that holds the projector and high beam breaks in half! i think no big just glue back together, only to find out that the fx-r doesn't bolt up to that piece that holds the projector. so i just toss that piece and drill the fx-r to the actual assembly, the alignment went fairly well so that was a break. and when i went to try it out i compared a 35w ballast and 55w ballast using a 35w bulb and there is a definate increase. would it do any harm to the projector or the ballast, i can see overheating the bulb making its life span short but thats about it? im going to start the left headlight tomorrow and when thats finished i'll upload some pics, they actually dont look bad missing that giant piece.

12-13-10, 11:16 PM
You will be ok the projector is all metal extra heat wont do a damn thing, and the chrome on there is even fire proof, someone tried to burn it with a lighter n nothing happened... so you are good!

Headlight glue melts in oven 200deg for 7min and it comes right apart...!

12-14-10, 10:16 PM
so this is my finished retrofit, still have to wire the high beams but other than that its done. im eventually going to get shrouds to go on top of the projectors but for now it looks okay

12-15-10, 02:05 AM
Looks very good! cant wait to see it finished!