: Need Lowering Solutions

02-11-09, 11:11 PM
Ok guys, need some lowering solutions. Are there any out there?
I don't want tis to turn into, "Why you want to do that?" type of thread, or "It will mess up the MRC..." etc, etc.

So, I saw on D3's site that they have CTS/CTS-V springs, but after 2 emails and a voice mail with no return reply to anything, I've given up on them... for all my upgrade needs.

So are there any other viable solutions before I cut 1/2 coil off of each spring?

The Hennessy car is lowered but in another thread, didn't seem like they wanted to give info on the how-to.

Anyone know if Eiback springs for the '08 CTS will work? I'm mainly concerned with spring rates as the CTS i'm sure has softer springs, but maybe the eibachs are stiff enough?

Thanks for any help,