: 1983 cadillac deville enigne swap question?

02-11-09, 09:07 PM
i want to do a swap in my 1983 Cadillac Deville. will any of the Cadillac big blocks bolt up to the transmission, like the 472 or the 500. i know the 350 olds will but i want a big block.
thanks everyone....

02-11-09, 09:35 PM
Believe it or not, the trans in your 83 will bolt up to any of the big block Cadillac motors. However, it will not last very long. If you want to stay with OD, you need to get a built 200-4R. Also, your rear end is too weak, as well. It will need to be swapped for the rear from a 90-92 (if using an OD trans). If you want a cheap, bulletproof trans, go with the TH400 that came behind any of the big blocks. Match that with a rear from a 77-81 that have high (low numerically) gears for decent gas mileage.

02-11-09, 10:37 PM
Thanks for the help.

02-12-09, 03:22 PM
when switching our the rear ends from a 77-81. Will it bolt in or will i need to Fabricate it to fit? Also, are you referring to a 77-81 Deville?
Thank you

02-12-09, 04:59 PM
No fab, it will bolt right in. Grab the driveshaft from the car you get the rear from, too. Yes, 77-81 Deville or Fleetwood.

Honestly, if you want a big block in there, by FAR the easiest way to do it would to buy a complete car. 77-79 (425) or 80-81 (368) and use the complete drivetrain in your car. You would then be all set up to bolt in a 472 or a 500 later...