: TSB for Oil Consumption

02-11-09, 10:27 AM
I know someone had posted it on here before, but I have spent the past hour looking and I can not find it!

I am looking for the complete proceedure (along with part # for the top engine cleaner) for using the top engine cleaner to clean the valves/top end of the engine. I believe it is something along the lines of 4 oz. of top engine cleaner poured through each spark plug hole, wait a couple hours, suction out, etc...

So if someone could post the bulletin it would be greatly appreciated. Also, why don't we have a sticky thread with pdf's of the more common TSB's?

02-11-09, 03:16 PM
I know it's in here somewhere, too

Google "gm tsb 02-06-01-009c" ............many hits.

Its GM TSB 02-06-01-009C of 10/23/03, and some of the technical sites (alldata) make it difficult to post links.

Also, read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive at the top of the page, in the black bar. A 2001 SLS should not need decarbonizing unless you run kerosene in it. Google "top tier gasoline".

The GM cleaning procedure is radical, invasive, and just may be more trouble than you bargain for. Remember that any time you want to pour aftermarket snake oil into your engine/gasoline, too.