View Full Version : whats a set of chrome fltwd brhm wheels worth 93-96

02-10-09, 09:58 PM
just bought a 95 fleetwood brougham, with a nice set of the fact chrome wheels, whats the going rate for them these days
seen some silly prices for them on e bag
guess Im going to part this car out, although it runs ok
will post some pics on friday, just would like some input on what I should ask for the wheels, oh and all 4 tires are brand new as well
thanks for any help!!!

02-11-09, 04:43 AM
I'll give you $250 if they are a nice whitewall tire

02-11-09, 07:06 AM

02-11-09, 10:12 PM
I'll give you $250 if they are a nice whitewall tire

ya think,

theres a cobled set on the bag bare for 1k, with the new tires I would think 1k would be a decent deal
I hate to do this car in, but, its most likely worth more to me in parts
blue/blue, 160k on it, pics on friday, thanks 96 for the input....

02-12-09, 02:05 AM
Maybe a trade for some 1991 factory wire wheels with decent off brand tires?

02-12-09, 06:12 PM
I really only deal with the 93-96 fltwd's
so they wouldnt do me anygood
I am certainly willing to work a "deal"
Im picking the car up tomorrow aft
let me look it over and Ill post some pics
at first look, the wheels looked much better then avg

02-13-09, 09:16 PM
WOW wheels are extremely nice cond, tires are brand new as well,
this 95 fleetwood is loaded keyless entry, homelink, moonroof,chromies
cd player, blue on blue, kinda a shame to cut it up, but i guess thats the plan,
tossed a battery in her and she fired right up,
will post some pics tomorrow~~~~~~~~:devil:

02-14-09, 01:16 PM
Keep the wheels and a give me the car :D

02-14-09, 05:07 PM
Keep the wheels and a give me the car :D

you noticed I only listed the good points!!:thepan:

it has a crunched rear door, (nice replacement in the trunk)
interior is kinda mildew,some dents and dings, chipped paint,
I will post some pics in another post
"my latest acquisition"

02-17-09, 05:35 PM
had a 700 offer, seems like the last set on e bag went for 8 PLUS:cool2: