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02-10-09, 09:44 PM
Snow, Ice, rwd cat.... So there was ice on my driveway the other night and i was pulling into my garage. I got through the driveway with a good amount of work. so i'm pulling into the garage and i'm turning the wheel but the cat just kept going straight! Tried hitting the brakes but all four wheels were on ice. Long story short, the fr corner of my cat met the garage in a personal way. so the bumper traded paint (i think i can buff it out) but the fr fender has a dent about 6"x4". :banghead: now i have to track down a fender, and paint it black then place her to my cat.... fun fun. Anyone know where to get one? cheapest i found was on ebay for like 100. Is the procedure fairly easy? I'd assume so. i'm a fair mechanic. i can do cam cover gaskets in a full day no issues.