: SRX 4 Headlights for the SRX?

02-10-09, 09:17 PM
Ok, I know I asked this before about plug-in play HID Headlights and I made some weak contacts who never followed up with me. I dont understand how people stay in business...


I saw an SRX-4 with BRIGHT BLUE HIDs and they were gorgeous kind of like seeing Jesus for the first time?! (ok maybe not that extreme) but beautiful none the less...

Would that or is that a kit I can buy from Cadillac or am I talking about something that would be a cluster %&$* and wicked exspensive?


02-11-09, 11:34 AM
No difference in SRX versus SRX-4 headlights as far as I know. I do think HIDs were part of an option package I got on my 06. But, it has nothing to do with AWD versus RWD. As far as the blue HIDs, I can't comment. I Just wanted to head you off the wrong path of trying to distinguish headlights based on AWD or RWD option. Good luck!

02-11-09, 01:43 PM
I am not a fan of FakeID's, if you can't get the correct lens/housing then you will just anger other drivers with bright headlights.

I also think any car with HID needs some sort of leveling system to keep the lights down when loaded.

Can you not just buy the HID housing for a junk SRX?