: Many photographs of RWD Cadillacs available

Old Fleetwood
02-10-09, 12:11 AM
Ran across a whole bunch of pictures of Cadillacs - as well as other cars - on a site called
That's a "Y" followed by SIX "e"s.
It's a site dedicated to photography and ranges all over the lot with landscapes, closeups, movie shots, you name it.
The pictures of the Cadillacs are in
You will have to scroll down the right side to find the line with that thread.
You will also note that the year designation of some of the Cadillacs are wrong (What do photographers know, anyway?).

02-10-09, 11:01 AM
Great suggestion Old Fleetwood! I hadn't seen this site before, but I CONSTANTLY look up car pictures on flickr.com

That site is FULL of interesting pictures... some artistic photography, but many are simply car guys cataloguing every car they can find. One guy on flickr called "forwardlookguy" or something similar goes to junkyards and photographs EVERY american car there... and he knows his cars too, including my beloved malaise-era 70s-80s yachts.

The thing is, regardless of if a photographer on flickr knows his cars, they often stumble on the ones that folks like us here on the forums appreciate because they're striking to the eye, and photogenic!

This gives us another resource for finding cars and pictures of them. Awesome.

Old Fleetwood
02-12-09, 10:48 PM
Glad to be of service.
Must admit I was wondering if I was suddenly banned from this site since my post had disappeared within minutes of me posting it.
That, plus my rapidly growing desire for something like a GMC Sierra/Chevy Astro and ditching the Fleetwood would have been completed tomorrow.