: HID conversion

02-09-09, 11:29 PM
Hello all, I have a 98 catera and i bought some projector headlights to replace the nasty stockers. And through my searches i have not been able to find some good pics of the wiring setup for doing an HID conversion on a non HID car. Only reason im asking about this is because these headlights have one main plug in them that the part of the headlight harness plugs into, not like other headlight housings i have seen.

So if anyone has pics of how its wired up, and what kit you used, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jon

02-10-09, 12:38 AM
Do yourself a favor and go get a nice set of Ebay HID wiring relay kit... its around 15$ on and its a direct plug and play...

Positive and negative... RELAY, and two HID controller plugs.... so all you need to do is run your HID bulbs inside your housings, attach the ballast to the bottom of the lights, and simply plug in your harness... then simply tap into the Positive wire on your Low beam and that will make things work just right!.

Good luck.