: Opinions please - STS or DTS

07-02-04, 02:14 PM
They seem to have the same HP, geart ratio, and weight so they should perfrom the same. The DTS is a little bigger but that seems to be the only difference. Any thoughts?

07-02-04, 03:02 PM
I like the DTS better. It has more room, and the style will probably be current for a couple more years. My 0.02 :yawn:

07-02-04, 03:20 PM
I agree with the style being current for a little longer. If you buy a 2004 SLS, you've already got "the old model" starting next year. I'm pretty sure the DeVille is going to look the same until 2006 or so... That gives you about 2 years to look like you're driving a brand new Cadillac. :D

Otherwise.. The DTS and STS are pretty similar in performance.. The DTS is a little bigger - but I think only in the back seat. I could be wrong.. I thought it was just the legroom in the back that made the difference... Otherwise, they're very, very similar in the front. When I went looking at the Seville and DeVille at the dealer, I had to keep getting in and out of each one to figure out what was different...

07-02-04, 04:48 PM
I am going for a DTS when I can find one at a good price that has the N/V and Nav on it. Maybe in a couple of years.

07-02-04, 05:34 PM
I don't know how they did this or why, but a few months ago the Caddy salesman told me that the Seville and Deville weigh the same. The Seville has a smaller back seat, and a shorter wheelbase. So I guess the only difference would be handling.

07-02-04, 06:16 PM
I agree on the handeling, STS is more agile and the DTS is more of a highway cruiser, i'd rather drive the STS if i were in the mountains. Other than that, i think its pretty much the looks, i did see a DTS just an hour ago.. sharp cars

Balls back in your court, driving style, looks and comfortability

Caddy Man
07-02-04, 06:37 PM
well just take this into considertation:

DTS- available nightvision
longer car (i like big cars)
large backseat to keep those passengers in cadillac comfort :)
model change has remained the same except for a few minor touches (so if u get an 2000 model, it will still look like a newer one)
LED taillights
Very elegant look

STS - Elegant, but with sportiness
Better handling
425 watt Bose sound system with 10 or 12 inch woofer on the back deck (cant remeber which size)
Xenon headlights
2005 model is differnt is changed

Its up to you, i was also btwn a dts and sts when i got my dts, but we got the dts at a killer price (through a freind). Its all what your going for, me i like the long elegant highway cruiser, but with enough power and handling to keep up. Either way, they are both great cars.

07-03-04, 08:02 AM
I just got the DTS. I think it looks a lot better and the body style will remain current for a couple more years at least. And plus it has a bigger trunk... perfect for the speakers, batteries and pumps I plan on sticking in there. :thumbsup:

07-03-04, 10:14 AM
I enjoy the extra room the DTS has. The longer wheelbase also provides the nice ride. When called upon my Concourse performs for me and plays well even in the wet. If I didn't have two growing boys I would have looked at the STS or the Eldo.

DTS has my vote...room and style!