: 2010 SRX Made in Mexico !!

02-06-09, 10:50 PM

I have become one of GM's biggest fans. I currently own my bullitproof '05 STS4 and I traded my wifes '04 SRX in for a new Buick Enclave. The cars are fantastic !! While I like the look of the upcoming SRX I cannot understand how and why GM/Cadillac brass would have green lighted a Mexican built Cadillac. This simply sends the wrong message to the Nation at a time were we are strugling to get our " groove" back and return manufacturing jobs to the USA. Cadillac is an American made icon and having a Cadillac made in Mexicio is a shame. Imagine a Harley Davidson built in India. Takes away from the legend does'nt it ?

Well, I would ask President Obama for some extra cash and make sure that every Cadillac is 100% " Made in the USA"...

PS- Hire a tronger spokesman to get the word out in the masses on how great GM is. All too many people do not read up and understand cars and they get their car knoswledge from news clips. GM needs a " real" salesman to turn the perception around. By the way, look me up I would be happy to take the job..:cloud9: