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02-05-09, 01:10 AM
Hey guys, I have the base stereo in my 98 DeVille, and i was wondering if its possible to replace the stock ones with Bose. I can get a pretty good price and i was just wondering. thanks

02-05-09, 06:30 AM
I am working on that right now (well not now, now but you got the idea).
Involves changing EVERYTHING that has to do with the audio system (except CD changer - if equipped).
Here are the highlights:
- Replace stock HU with BOSE HU (well that’s the doh! part)
- Retrofit the car with a RIM (RIM = Radio Interface Module). In your case the RIM has 6 channels.
- Replace al speakers with BOSE speakers (no you can not use any of your existing speakers, BOSE speakers have individual amplifiers).
- Add the AMP fuse on the fuse cluster
- Add the Left and Right BOSE AMP relays on the trunk relay cluster.
- Rewire COMPLETELY the entire audio system. The only wires you can keep are the power and GND for the HU and CD changer, the power antenna wire, the 2 data wires the two interior lights wires for the HU. The rest has to be wired from scratch. You can not use any of the other wires from the stock audio system.
The rewiring involves running low level audio wires (6) + 3 shields from HU to the RIM (in the trunk). Run low-level audio wires from the RIM to al speakers (12 + 6 plus shields) and power for each speaker’s amplifiers (12 wires). Run the wires for the AMP fuse, RIM power, BOSE relays controls, re-route the audio out signal from the CD changer to the RIM (rather than HU as in stock system). Run two data wires for the RIM.
Hope I did not forgot something; anyway I will initiate a thread with the HOW TO of a stock – BOSE conversion once I am done.
Cost wise…consider the price of a BOSE HU, 6 speakers (not ordinary speakers, BOSE speakers w/amplifier), BOSE RIM, 2 relays, 120 yards of 18 and 22 AWG wires, and countless hours of work. If you are not a DIY I would like to se the shop willing to take that job.

02-05-09, 09:29 AM
it is so much cheaper to just buy an entirely aftermarket stereo than an entire BOSE one, and i guarantee you it'll sound much better too!

02-05-09, 07:33 PM
it is so much cheaper to just buy an entirely aftermarket stereo than an entire BOSE one, and i guarantee you it'll sound much better too!

I would not count on that...plus all the compromises.

02-06-09, 03:25 PM
i did it with my 2001 Seville. Scrapped the whole thing out, couldn't handle my low's bottoming out all the time or the high's just not getting high enough...put an Alpine HU in, replaced all the speakers with Infinity Component speakers, put a 12" subwoofer with an 800w amplifier in the trunk and called it a day. It'll blow the socks off any BOSE system I'll tell you that...Chimes still work, steering wheel controls still work, stock changer still works, OnStar is the only thing that went out with the BOSE...

02-08-09, 10:50 AM
I really don't feel like getting amps and changing the HU, so my plan was to just replace the speakers. Seeing that Bose sounds like it isn't an option do you know of anyone that has just replaced with aftermarket speakers with good results? when my speaker weren't blown it really didn't sound that bad, better then a lot of factory systems i have heard. Any help would be great!

02-10-09, 08:38 AM
i don't know what kind of power the non-BOSE HU puts out or whether or not they used a seperate amplifier in the '98 Deville. But most aftermarket speakers are designed to have at least 50-100w pushing them, if you don't want to change out the HU your best bet is probably going to be finding some non-BOSE Deville speakers on eBay and just swapping the old ones out. If you under power speakers you're not going to get the performance you desire...

04-18-09, 07:23 PM
OK this is my point in question
98 ELDorado with Non-Bose
I tried a Bose radio, everything works
car runs, antenna works, dials the stations it even made the cd work
now we dont get any sound due to lack of an AMP, ok your with me.

can you just by pass the wires for the speakers to go thru an AMP before they reach the speakers to get sound ?

there is space in there to fit a 4 channel AMP, anyone tried this ?

04-18-09, 08:53 PM
You have no sound control (volume, bass, treble), can't add the CD changer. YOU NEED A RIM, thing about RIM as the other half of the HU.

See my thread! (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-forum/161811-stock-bose-conversion.html)

04-22-09, 02:33 AM
N* has it down correctly....what you see in your dash is just a big remote control for the rim...With the non-bose system you can swap the speakers with decent results, I put polks front and rear in one of our old devilles...made a big difference

04-29-09, 12:56 AM
I noticed the rear deck are 8 Ohm speakers, wont the new 4 Ohm eventually over work the factory system ?