: Disappointment with Escalade options

Charles N Carr Jr
02-04-09, 08:27 PM
I have owned 3 Escalades prior to the 2008 I now own. I am disappointed that Cadillac continues to take away options previously included with the Escalade. My 07 had heated steering wheel and cooled seats. Now that is an option. Also my son has a 08 Silverado. he has instant milage information and other stock features. These are only included with navigation for Escalade. What encouragement do I have to buy another Escalade? I could save money and buy a Chevy with more options included.

02-06-09, 09:56 PM
Welcome to Cadillac Owners Forum

It is always unfortunate when a buyer must suffer remorse after a purchase. It is made worse when the purchase is a Luxury item. General Motor and their dealers have made so much money off the "options" packages that now when dealerships must rely upon less than professional staff, those sales person often don't realize which options go with what package. I found that if you don't mention something it might not be brought up.

Recently I have found the need for a SUV for my business and I reviewed the Escalade. The model I saw was the Platinum, it came with almost all the features my STS has and a very high sticker. After I left the dealership to "consider" I stopped at a popular seaside restaurant and a guy parked next to me had a Chevrolet Avalanche; it was early afternoon and I was able to see the dashboard. It had the nicest looking wood trim this side of Jaguar, and the truck looked every bit as nice as the Escalade, less the grill of course. My primary research shows I could obtain the Avalanche for almost $40K (sticker of course) less than the Caddy! For me it's a no brainer.

I do know that the heated seat option may be dealer installed, the heated steering wheel might mean a steering wheel replacement and with the airbag, probably prohibitively expensive. You should probably call the parts department for the price before you speak with the dealership to see if it is something they will meet you half-way with the price.

Best of luck to you!