: Hmm... CEL bulb pulled out>!?!?!

02-04-09, 06:53 PM
I bought an 00 catera and just took it through inspection and got two codes:

P0650 - Malfunction Indicator Lamp Control Circuit
P0411 - Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected

The check engine light doesn't come on at all.

I just found a dash bulb sitting in the driverside storage compartment.
:mad: You think the previous owner pulled one on me? I am going to pull the dash and see if the bulb is missing

02-04-09, 10:56 PM
Maybe see a lawyer? Get you car fixed with their money!

02-05-09, 12:14 AM
do you think I'd have anything with this? I mean that is fraud is it not?

02-05-09, 10:29 AM
Nope, As is where is.

They could have put a hair dryer under the hood and told you it was a NASA exp. turbo motor with 1000 HP and if you didn't do your due diligence of investigating it, once you pay for the car it is YOUR problem. Private person to private person sale that is.

Buyer Beware!

As is can be hard to figure out what the "IS" means.

02-05-09, 04:48 PM
If you can prove they deliberately tricked you, then you might have a case. But in most cases not. I'd call and see if you can work out a friendly agreement.

03-14-11, 10:23 AM
Not in Florida. All sales by private parties are "AS IS" so if you buy a car without checking it out then it's your problem.