: Mechanicals

07-01-04, 11:43 PM
I put in my license plate holder tonight (in the lower grille). While under neath I took a look around . Some interesting stuff under there. Right behind the trans is what looks like a steering column rag joint (a large one) that couples the yoke to the shaft. Cadillac is big on isolation! This would also explain the wind up & release when disengaging the trans at low speed.Also, the shifter is bolted to the floor with a transfer link to the trans. This explains the non positive feel. Looks like the bushings in the floor mount shifter can back out. I pushed mine back. They are not very secure./
Noticed also that above the oil filter is a removeable cap with 2 bolts. This will enable the attachment of an aux oil cooler.Available on the chev truck. They did a pretty good job underneath. Not many parts that can rust as most are coated, unlike my last car.

07-01-04, 11:53 PM
Did you install the stock license plate holder or do a custom version? Still debating whether to risk the ticket, install the ugly bracket or come up something else.

Agree, those shifter bushings are hokey - mine were about half way out. Having the shifter linkage sucks - less positive engagement, more pivot points to eventually wear out and lack of aftermarket shifters from "normal" T-56 applications such as the F-bodies.
The GTO shifter has a very similar linkage setup, I wonder if aftermarket components there would work on the V. :hmm:

07-02-04, 08:56 AM
MAllet has a shifter kit. I dont know what he is doing for $400.
I will post a pix of my plate holder. BAsically, its a waterproof foam block held in the lower grille. I can always remove it and no holes anywhere.

07-02-04, 12:42 PM
I have the Mallett shifter ordered. It was suppossed to be shipped out almost two weeks ago on June 21, but I found out they had a "machining problem" and it would now be shipped out by the end of this week. I will let you know about it when I get it in.